Working in the beauty industry I have come across some beauty problems that need solutions and finally, I have found them. In this post, I will show you all the problems I've faced with either makeup or skincare and show you how I've dealt with it!

1) Self Tanning 

Problem: Hands & Feet go orange when self-tanning 

Solution: While I don't need to tan myself I have been spray tanning clients for years and they always ask me how I get the tan done without their hands and feet turning orange and how they can do it when self-tanning. There is actually a really simple solution to this problem. Firstly I would suggest putting some cream on those areas before tanning plus any dry areas of the skin (elbows and knees), for the cream you need to make sure it's oil-free so it doesn't remove the tan. For clients, I usually use the St Tropez Prep & Maintain Moisturiser. Another tip I would give is using a face wipe and just rub over the palms of your hands (make sure to get around the wrist and cuticles) and bottom of your feet, this will just remove any extra tan that can go orange.

2) Under Eye Concealer

Problem: Under eye concealer won't stop creasing!

Solution: I think I may have the worst under eye area for creasing. Any concealer that I use whether it high end or high street it still seems to crease unless I use this technique. Firstly I would suggest getting a good eye cream! I used to think that to use an eye cream you should be older but prevention is the best way to help with fine lines in the Under eye area, recently I have been using the Environ AVST Eye Gel. The next step in this technique is for the makeup application, once I've applied my foundation and concealer and blended it all in I then bake my Under eye area, I know baking isn't a new thing but not everyone knows how good it is for getting crease free Under eyes. To bake my Under eyes I use just one product and a dry beauty sponge and leave it while I do all the rest of my makeup then wipe away and your crease free all day (that wasn't meant to rhyme).  

3) Removing Makeup

Problem: Makeup is too stubborn and taking forever to get off!

Solution: Wearing a full face of makeup is all fun and games until you have to get it all off in the evening, it's even worse when it also takes forever to get off using your normal cleanser. I have found the best solution for this problem is to do two cleanses and one of them to be with cleansing oil, cleansing oils will break up the makeup much easier and quicker than a normal cream cleanser would do. I also like to get a cleansing oil that can be used on your eyes for stubborn mascara and eye makeup. These are a few cleansing oils that I like to use Environ Pre Cleansing Oil and The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing oil, A plus to this technique is that the oil also helps to add hydration to your skin! 

4) Upper Lip Waxing!

Problem: Getting spots or pimples after lip waxing!

Solution: I learnt this tip the hard way before I trained to be a beauty therapist I went to get my upper lip waxed quite often and days after would end up with small pimples and never knew why! Now that I do my own waxing and clients I found a way to stop this from happening. After a Lip wax, your therapist should apply a cream or lotion to calm the area, this will initially help to reduce the chance of getting spots but there's more you can do at home. Once at home to help stop those pesky spots is to apply a spot cream or some witch hazel to the area, I would leave it a few hours after the wax to do this so there isn't any irritation. This will help to remove any bacteria that can get into any open pores form the wax. The product I tend to use for this is the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum just pop this on before bed and you should wake up spot free! 

5) Oily skin with Makeup on

Problem: You have an oil episode with no blotting sheets or powder!

Solution: This solution was something that I came up with accidentally one day being out with no makeup bag with me and my skin decides to have an oil moment. I've been a lover of blotting sheets in the past but I have to say they are not really needed, a clean tissue or cotton pad will do the job just fine. For this solution you have to be careful not to rub all your makeup off if using a tissue, I usually just slightly tap the areas of oiliness to get rid of the shine. This isn't a permanent solution as I would still definitely use powder but in times of need, it definitely works!

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Beauty problems will come about when we least need them, I'm sure I'm going to come across some more during my time! Do you have any Beauty problem solutions? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. Never really needed any of these solutions but they seem really good!

  2. Thank you! It really works well that tip especially if you have dry skin! Xx

  3. Really fantastic tips <3 Pinned it to my pinterest, useful to look back in the future in case I forget anything x

  4. These are such great tips! Not the kind of issues I usually struggle with but it's great advice. I totally agree about eye cream making the world of difference to concealer application though! It's so much more smooth!! x


    1. Thank you! Eye cream is definitely the best solution for Creasy under eyes! Xx

  5. Some great handy tips there! I always struggle with under the eye creases!

    Lizzie Florence

  6. These were such helpful tips, particularly the set tanning ones! I'm a self tan addict, but occasionally my hands go very orange, so these were very helpful! Han x