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Following on from my recent collection post which was My Lipstick Collection I thought I would stick with the lip products theme and move on to my lip gloss collection. Lip gloss never used to be my favourite product but over the years I have truly found a love for them and that's where my collection begins. 

Since I started collection my lipgloss a lot later than I did my lipsticks I don't have as many different shades as I do with my lipsticks and I'm sure you'll notice a theme that I only really wear either pink, nude or coral lipglosses!


My Lip Gloss Collection - Highend

TheBalm Pretty Smart Lip Gloss - GRRR!

Starting the post as I mean to go on with one of my favourite lipglosses. TheBalm Pretty Smart is one of my favourites for a few reasons, Firstly because of the really flattering nude brown shade which can be worn for pretty much any occasion and secondly it is one of the most comfortable lip glosses that I have in my collection and its one of the best non-sticky lip glosses in my collection. I mainly like to wear this lipgloss when I'm going for a more natural look because it doesn't have any added glitter which I like and the shade just seems to work with any makeup look. Another thing I love about this lip gloss is that it smells amazing and it just reminds me of sweets which is always good. 

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie - Maverick 

This lip gloss I actually have in sample size but this product has still lasted me ages even though there's less product than usual. Other than the really pretty pinky-brown shade this lip gloss is something I wouldn't usually go for because of the plumping aspect of the gloss, I never really like the tingly feeling that plumping glosses give but with this product it doesn't actually last on the lips for very long them your left with a really pretty lip gloss. This is another lip gloss which has an amazing smell, it reminds me of mint chocolate when I wear it but after a few minutes that also goes away which I like. This also isn't too sticky on the lips and it feels very comfortable when it's on. With this gloss, it actually has a small amount of glitter that I think makes it perfect to wear during the evening for special occasions. 

My Lip Gloss Collection - Highend Swatches

GlamGlow Plumprageous Metallic Lip Plumping Treatment - Suggestive 

I actually got this lip gloss/plumping treatment as a gift a few Christmases ago and have actually only ever worn it once. The colour itself is something I wouldn't usually wear as its a pretty deep metallic maroon shade but when I swatched it I quite liked the colour. The reason I've only worn it once is that plumping aspect, I don't usually wear plumping products because of the feeling it gives and when I tried it on it definitely works and my lips looked plumper but I don't really need plumping and I wasn't a fan of the tingling feeling but if you don't mind that feeling you would love this product. as I don't wear it so often I'm actually selling this lip product over on my Depop which you can check out if you like!

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation - Content 

This is a mineral makeup brand that we actually carry at the salon that I work at and that's where I discovered this lip gloss. Technically this is a two in one product on one side its a lip gloss and on the other its a matte liquid lipstick. What I like most about this product is that there are so many different combinations that you can use it, you can use it as just a lip gloss or a liquid lipstick separately or you can wear the two products together. I tend to wear both of the products together to give the matte product a lot more shine. The shade of the matte end is the perfect deeper coral shade which I like to wear a lot to work as it can look quite natural. The lip gloss end is pretty glittery but once this is applied over the darker shade you don't notice it as much and it seems to just bring the whole look together. The lipgloss is really comfortable to wear and it isn't overly sticky which I hate with other lip glosses. I also think that the larger price tag for this product is justified because it is a two in one product. 

High Street

My Lip Gloss Collection - Drugstore

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss - 110 I Got The Power & 104 Mafia Gloss

Out of all my drugstore / high street lip glosses, I would definitely say that the L'Oreal Infallible ones are my favourite. These lip glosses are the most comfortable I own and are definitely the best non-sticky lip glosses. I like this product so much that I have it in two different shades which I usually don't do, the first shade is 110 I Got The Power, this shade is my ultimate favourite nude lip gloss shade as it works for absolutely any look and can be worn during the day for a natural look but can also be worn in the evening over a deeper lipstick shade to dress the lip gloss up a bit, I also think this lip shade is perfect for autumn. The other shade I have in this gloss is 104 Mafia Gloss, this shade is totally different from what I usually wear because it is a quite a bright pink and that's a bit out of my comfort zone but once its on the lips it doesn't actually look top neon or bright it turns out to be a really pretty pink shade which I like to wear when I wearing a whole pink-themed makeup look. 

Revolution My Sign Lip Gloss - Virgo & Sagittarius

When I was searching for this lip gloss to link to the post I couldn't find them anywhere because I think they were limited editions (nooo!),. I thought id still add them to this list because I actually still wear these two lip glosses pretty often. These lip glosses are slightly different from the others in this list because they have a lot more pigmentation when you apply these lip glosses they have full coverage and it looks like your wearing an overly glossy lipstick. I have two different shades in the lip gloss one is Virgo (my star sign) which is a corally orange shade that I like to wear a lot during the autumn as it matched my autumnal eyeshadow looks and the other shade is Sagittarius which is a really pretty deep pink shade that I like to wear a lot during the evening or nights out as I feel you can really dress up a look with this gloss.

My Lip Gloss Collection - Drugstore Swatch

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Pink Stardust* 

This lip gloss I was actually very kindly gifted a few months ago from Soap & Glory and this lip gloss actually came from their Christmas sets from last year, you can read my full review of these products here. This is another lip gloss shade that I wouldn't usually pick up for myself because it is a shade I wouldn't usually wear with it being quite a bright pink and it also has quite a bit of glitter in it. This is another plumping product but with this one, it's very slight so the tingling doesn't bother me that much. I haven't used this lip gloss too often because of the shade I think there is a specific time that you can actually wear it at like a party. I have also used this lip gloss as more of a topper before and have applied it over other lipstick shades to add a bit more depth. Even though this is a plumping product I do actually find it pretty comfortable to wear, I think Soap & Glory had updated the formula for this lipgloss because I had a few of them before and they were slightly more sticky.  

Sleek Lip Shot Gloss Impact - Brutal Honesty 

This is another lip gloss just like the Revolution My Sign glosses that has a lot more pigment than a normal gloss. This is a lip gloss that I purchased on a whim while having a look through the makeup isles of Boots and was able to get this product on my points which was a bonus. I really enjoy using and wearing this product, I like that it has a full coverage colour and I like to wear it most on special occasions because the shade is quite unique. The shade is a pretty mauvy pink that I find you have to wear the right makeup with it to compliment the colour. This lip gloss is more on the sticky side but it isn't overly sticky where it would be annoying. 

Revolution Sheer Brilliant Lip Gloss - White Wedding 

I got this lipstick in one of my favourite Superdrug 3 for 2 events and fell for the colour straight away. Even though it does look similar to some of the other lip glosses the shade is pretty unique, its a really pretty deeper pink shade which I think would look amazing on all skin tones. When you first apply this lip gloss you get quite a lot of pigment but one you smack your lips together it sheers out to a nice flush of colour on the lips with a lot of shine. The applicator of this lip gloss is slightly different as it has more of a flat doe foot which I find quite easy to give my lips a sharp outline of gloss. I haven't found this lip gloss to be too sticky or uncomfortable at all and it actually feels like your wearing more or a lip oil than a gloss. 

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Even though in the past lip gloss wasn't my favourite lip product it is fastly is becoming one of my favourites. Have you tried any of these lip glosses before?

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  1. I love your lip gloss collection! I feel like I need some more lip gloss in my life. I really like the quality of these glosses. Big plus when they have some glitter! Thanks for sharing some of these picks!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Thank you! I’ve recently started to really love wearing lip gloss again especially this summer! The glitter glosses are always lovely x

  2. Love your collection, its quite big! I've tried soap and glory, I really like their formula. Must try the Revolution my sign lip gloss Virgo, as a virgo I feel instantly drawn to lol

    Jordanne ||

    1. Its taken me quite a while to get my collection up to this many glosses and I actually use them all quite a lot of the time especially in the summer! X

  3. I love all your lip glosses girl especially the Jane Iredale and Soap and Glory one! I love me a matte but I also appreciate a lot of gloss and these color on so well! I love it especially when there's glitter involved. Thanks for sharing! X

    Geraldine |

    1. Thank you! Those shades are really lovely, the Soap & Glory one is extra glittery I think it will be perfect to wear during Christmas. X

  4. I'm not normally a glossy gal, but I love the first shade from The Balm you've featured! I'm also really surprised at how pigmented the Revolution glosses are as well, Virgo looks right up my street.. ��

    Andi | ✨

  5. I'm not one for wearing lipgloss, but I do love the shades of lip glosses you've got here! x

    Lucy |

  6. The shade Sagittarius looks so gorgeous! I honestly really wish I could wear lipgloss as I think it looks so nice in a makeup look but every time I try to, I get so frustrated as I smudge it so easily or my hair just sticks to it which is obviously NOT a good look haha. I usually just stick with sheer or shine lipsticks to get a similar sort of finish!
    Alice Xx

  7. What an amazing lipgloss collection! Not tried any of these before but I do want to try the soap and glory and the balm gloss, sounds great.

    Mel 🌙 | Moonlight Mel

  8. I love gloss and you've got such an amazing collection! I love the look of the one from the balm! I've not tried anything from that brand for a while, but I deffo need to look into them xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  9. Hey,
    Love the post. It would be nice to see a picture of your face in it though. Just so I can tell how different our coloring is. I'm very fair and so picking out makeup colors can be difficult.

  10. I'm not a fan of lipgloss tbh, I prefer lip balm but you own so many gorgeous shades!! 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  11. I love lip gloss so it was fun to have a look at your collection. I love it!


  12. great post! I absolutely love lip gloss! The only one i’ve tried out of this bunch is the bare minerals moxie. my favorite gloss is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb! I also really love the NYX butter glosses for when I’m on a budget! xx

    mich /

  13. I love the Jane Iredale one the most! It’s such a beautiful shade, Bare Minerals comes as a really close second for me though! I didn’t realize GlamGlow did things besides their face mask haha, it is a really nice shade though!

    That’s amazing that the Jane Iredale one has both a lip gloss and a matte lipstick as well - best of both worlds! I also really love the Revolution Virgo shade, it’s such a nice coral color!

  14. I'm not going to lie I've never been a massive fan of lip gloss but some of these look stunning especially the one in the shade virgo! Thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

  15. I love lip gloss! The Revolution Sagittarius and the Jane Iredale ones are my jam. My favorite lip gloss would be the NYX butter ones!

    Hannah the Mad Dog