Last year was the year of makeup trends, there were so many different makeup trends ranging from soap brows and fox eye looks that have been all over Instagram throughout the last year and I have been obsessed with a few of them. In today's post, I'll be rating some of the more iconic makeup trends from 2020!

For the rating process, I am going to be rating all of the trends out of 5 and at the end of the post, I let you know my favourite trend from last year! 

Soap brows (Fluffy Brows) 4/5 

2020 was definitely the year of soap fluffy brows, Soap Brows is a method of grooming the brows by using a soap product instead of a gel to give the brows a fluffy appearance, these are used because they have a stronger hold over the brow hairs keeping them in place. I have seen so many people do this trend using specific makeup products but you can now also get a treatment done called brow lamination that will give you the same effect that will last longer! To get the fluffy brow look you only need three products a spoolie, a bar of soap and setting spray, to get the look, you need to dampen the spoolie with some setting spray this will help keep the brows in place and then start brushing the brows upwards and slightly backcombing the brows. For the soap, you want to apply it to the brows in thin layers to make sure you're now overloading the brows and this will give you the fluffy brows you want. I have given this trend a 4/5 because I have loved the look on other people but I've tried it myself and I really didn't suit the trend I prefer the look of defined and structured brows on me but this trend looks amazing on other people. 

Glossy Eyeshadow 3/5

Glossy Eyeshadow has been around for years, I even think it was a trend back in the '90s and in 2020 this trend came back! I have seen this trend around for a while but on Instagram last year and in the magazines, I saw so many people trying it out and I was intrigued by how they get the look. To get the glossy eyelids look it's actually very simple, you just need to apply your chosen eyeshadow shades on the lips preferably matte shadows and then apply some gloss over the look. When you're doing this look you need to make sure that the gloss that your using is eye-safe, so there's no irritation caused to the eyes while wearing this look. I gave this trend a 3/5 because I'm on the fence with it, in some instances I love the look when it's done with pretty eyeshadow shades underneath but I know that if I was going to wear this look, I would find the gloss so irritating on my eyes, I have sensitive eyes and hate the feeling of anything sticky so I don't think this trend is for me.

Floating Crease Eyeliner 5/5 

As you can see from my 5/5 rating I love this trend! The floaty crease eyeliner look has been a big trend throughout 2020 and talented makeup gurus have been doing this look flawlessly and I am officially obsessed. The look itself is simple enough to do (if you've got a steady hand), all you really need to do is is apply a line using a liner in the crease of your eye, you can do this look with to without eyeshadow underneath, I think both looks look amazing. I must say I have tried this look a few times and it hasn't gone as well as I expected but I'm going to keep on trying because I need to master this trend. I have seen so many different ways to do this look, you can apply the line just to the crease using a black liner or colourful liner to give the floaty liner look or you can actually do a cat eye and then connect it to another line on the crease which gives a 60s look to this trend. If you haven't tried out this look give it a go because I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

Bedazelled Eye Makeup 3/5

After a popular show came out last year called Euphoria (I still need to see this) a lot of different makeup trends came out of this show, people are being a bit more experimental and inventive when it comes to makeup. Bedazelled or Bejeweled eye makeup is a fun way at upping the eyeshadow game and making the eyes look more extra! For this trend, you can really get creative with your look and that's the fun part about it, you can do an eyeshadow look or just use liner and put your diamontes wherever you like, I've also seen people use pearls which I think looks super cute! I've rated this trend a 3/5 because even though I love the look and it's actually really cute and creative it isn't very wearable for everyday looks. This trend would be great for festival looks or concerts even though I think it's going to be a while before we get the chance to do that. If you're bored at home and want to try out a faun eye look give this trend a try!

Neon Eyeshadow 4/5

Neon eyeshadow definitely isn't a new trend but it came back around last year and people have really made this trend come back to life this year. As you probably know from reading my blog you will know that I am a neutral shadow lover and colour is slightly out of my comfort zone but whenever I see someone wearing neon eyeshadow I love it! This look can be done in so many different ways, with just one pop of colour or using all the colours together to create a neon rainbow look. I gave this trend a 4/5 because overall I love the look of bright and vibrant eyeshadow but it is very much out of my comfort zone and it isn't something I would wear on a daily basis but if we can ever have parties or go to events again I will definitely try out this trend!

Bright Eyeliner 4/5

Last year was the year that people were ditching the black liner and going for more colourful versions. I am definitely a person who is obsessed with black liquid liner and if I could I would wear it every day I would but the bright eyeliner trend had me intrigued. What I love about this trend is that you can use your imagination and creativity and do whatever you want with it and make your makeup look really fun and different. This trend can also be done by using liquid eyeliner and do some fun geometric looks or you can use a pencil liner and put different liner shades in your water line. I gave this trend a 4/5 because I know its something that I definitely want to try and it doesn't seem too difficult to do and you can just have fun with it.

Overall all the trends from last year were all really fun and creative but I think my favourite out of all the trends in this list is the floaty crease eyeliner look. I love how you can make this trend your own and get creative with it and even though it might take a bit of practice its definitely worth it because it's just so cute!

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Well, these were a lot of the trends from 2020 and I'm looking forward to what makeup trends come around during this year. What was your favourite trend from 2020? 

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  1. I've absolutely loved seeing neon eyeliner making a come back I think it can look incredible sometimes! I also didn't know about any of the other trends so this has been interesting to read! X

    1. Great! I’m glad you liked this post, I love the neon liner look and it can be done in so many different ways x

  2. I finally tried the floating crease eyeliner and I actually felt really cute haha so I would love to experiment more in 2021. I don't think the soap brows would suit me either but it looks so good on Instagram haha

    1. The floating liner is definitely my favourite trend from 2020! I want to try it out more this year definitely. Soap brows really do look good on some people! X

  3. I love the glossy look on the eye but probably wouldn't use a gloss. I'd tried to achieve the glossy look with eyeshadow. I also love the graphic liner in the crease but not sure it would work on my hooded eyes. Fab post 😊💕 Lottie x

    1. The glossy lid look is very cute! Floating eyeliner is definitely my favourite trend from last year and I’m looking forward to trying it more this year! X