I am a glasses wearer, I have been wearing glasses since I was around 16 and only just in the last few years have I really started to love wearing makeup while wearing my glasses. It has taken me a few years to learn some tricks and tips to get a cute eye look while wearing my glasses and I am going to share those with my fellow glasses wearers today!

Wear a brightening concealer on your under eyes

The one big issue I have with wearing my glasses and makeup is that they hide most of it and the frames can also cause a shadow around your eyes making it look like you have dark circles which really isn't the look I'm going for. A way to reduce the look of these shadows is to apply a brightening concealer to the under eyes to illuminate them and make your eyes appear brighter. With this, you can actually apply a little more concealer than usual which may look like too much without your glasses but when you put your glasses on it balances out the look and you can see your eyes nice and bright without the dark circle look. An obvious concealer choice for this could be the YSL touche eclat concealer for all my high-end lovers but if you're on a budget like me the Revolution Fast Base Concealer which is only £3.00 and it gives off a lovely brightening effect to the under eyes without it looking unnatural. Another concealer that I love for this effect is the Maybelline Age Rewind which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Wear a bold eyeliner 

One reason I decided to get bigger frames was to see if I could actually see my eye makeup once it was on when wearing glasses because I definitely found that to be an issue with smaller frames. I have tried so many different eyeshadows looks with glasses some being more visible than others but one thing I noticed was that when I wore eyeliner you could see it instantly through the glasses. A cat eyeliner look really does help to accentuate the eyes when they are slightly covered by glasses frames. I usually opt for a black liner look but other bold colours like blue or even pink would look amazing and would definitely stand out while wearing glasses. My favourite liner for a cat eye at the moment is the Renaissance Liner from Revolution, it applies to the eyelid like a dream and is super pigmented, it also is very long-lasting so if you get watery eyes like it should wear away easily and it also doesn't flake away throughout the day making it perfect for glasses wearers!

Choose Falsies Carefully 

Another issue when it comes to wearing glasses is that a lot of false eyelashes are super long and can actually touch on the lenses which can be super annoying. When you're thinking about wearing false lashes with glasses the first thing to consider is the length of the lashes, if they are too long they will be difficult to wear with glasses so I would recommend going for more of a volume lash than length because you get the same effect but with lashes that will be more comfortable to wear. I used to get false individual lashes done and I had to say to my lash lady that I wore glasses so she could pick the right length for me to have so that you could still see them through my glasses but they would also not be too long! I have found a few options on amazon that I think would be perfect for glasses wearers. 

Setting Powder is your best friend

Glasses really don't make keeping your makeup on easy, do they! One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses with makeup on is all the makeup that is transferred on to the nose pads and then your left with two patches on your face with no foundation on. After years of trying different methods of trying to keep the makeup on, I have one tip that actually works for me. The best way to keep your makeup on is this area is after you have your foundation on you should bake that area of your nose with some loose powder and leave it on for a few minutes and then lightly dust it away. Another tip is to also apply a small amount of setting powder to the nose pads and this should hopefully keep your makeup in place all day! I have been loving the Rimmel Lasting Perfection Loose powder for this because it's very finely milled and sits nicely on the skin. 

Curl over Length

If you don't own a lash curler when you're a glasses wearer you need to right now! This little gadget is a must at giving extra curly lashes that will show up even though your glasses lenses. Like false lashes, it's also better for your natural lashes to have more of a curl to them than length. Lash curlers don't have to be too expensive to get you curly lashes, I've had one from Primark for years that does such an amazing job and leaves my lashes looking curly even with glasses. I have found a few options from Amazon that I think would do a great job at giving your curly lashes.

If you're looking for a more permanent way to have lifted curly lashes once the salons reopen think about getting a lash lift done, this is a treatment that lifts the natural lashes making the eyes look more open and give the lashes a curl that lashes 6-8 weeks!

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Wearing glasses doesn't mean that you can wear fun vibrant eye looks you just need to do a few weeks to make sure that your makeup looks great all day! Do you have any tips for glasses wearers?

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. This is a really interesting post! I have glasses so I have struggled with makeup occasionally especially false lashes! Thanks for sharing gal x

    1. Thank you! False lashes can be a nightmare when you wear glasses especially if they are too long! Making sure they are the right length is so important x

  2. Such an amazing tips. I personally don't wear glasses but have a lot of friends who do. I'll definitely share this post with them.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. Fab tips, Aaliyah, I'm a glasses wearer and the patches you get on your nose are SUCH a pain! I've also never bothered with false eyelashes because of my glasses so thank you for your recommendations, I'll definitely look into those :) x

  4. Great tips! I'm a glasses wearer and they always remove my makeup. I'll have to look into that setting powder, sounds like a brill solution! Thanks for sharing :)

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

  5. Such a useful post. I don't wear glasses but feel one day in the future that will be the case so I'll keep these tips in mind. Thank you!

    Tash - A Girl with a View

  6. You've mentioned some really helpful tips. I only wear glasses for reading but I always find my lashes annoy me because it feels like they are too long. I'm definitely going to think more about the curl rather than the length when I know I'll be wearing my glasses.