We all have bad habits that we want to quit like biting our nails or eating the whole packet of biscuits in one go but the ones I'm going to share with you today are beauty habits that you definitely need to quit right away! In today's post, I'll be sharing with you the top 5 beauty habits you will want to quit and how to do it. 

1. Not Removing Your Makeup Before Bed

This is probably something that I think we have all been guilty of before in the past and it is something that I have definitely done after a long day (or a night out). Not taking off your makeup before bed is bad for many reasons one being it can cause your skin to become problematic because thought the day dirt and makeup become trapped in the skin causing the skin barrier to break down, out skin renews itself overnight and having makeup on stops this process and over time can cause premature ageing. A way to stop yourself from leaving your makeup on overnight is to do your skincare routine as soon as you get home, instead of leaving it as late as possible (I am very guilty of this). Another way to beat this habit is to have a bottle of micellar water by your bed, so if you do forget until the very last minute at least you can remove the traces of makeup leaving a clean base before you go to sleep. 

2. Forgetting Sunscreen 

I have said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again SPF, SPF and some more SPF. I think SPF is probably one of the most important products in your skincare routine. You can have the best skincare routine with perfect cleansers and moisturisers but over time your skin will not improve if you don't wear sunscreen on a daily basis. When I first started out with my skincare journey and before I went to college for beauty I didn't know how important SPF is for skin health and visible signs of ageing. Over time of not using SPF and the skin being exposed to UV rays, it can cause wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness and uneven pigmentation and if all of this can be stopped with the use of just one extra product then why not! Not all SPF has to be expensive either, I have left a few options of affordable SPF products suitable for all skin types. 
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3. Picking Your Spots 

This is another habit that I am very guilty of and I have to say I have suffered the price of spot scars from doing this. This is all going to sound a little bit gross so if you don't like this stuff then move onto the next bad habit. When you pop a spot bacteria spreads from the infected area which is the spot and that can then affect the pores of the surrounding areas (if you've ever wondered why you get a collection of spots in the same area this is probably why). Popping a spot can also cause you to push bacteria back into the skin causing more spots to appear and the vicious circle continues. I know you're probably thinking what can I do then to get rid of these pesky spots and that is to get yourself some spot stickers, these stickers absorb the toxins trapped under the skin while also protecting it from outside bacteria and these stickers can also help spread up the healing process. I have used these stickers before and have found them a great way at removing all the gross stuff but they also help to cover up the spot throughout the day and you can even out makeup over them! Here are some options for you to try:

4. Peeling Gel Nails Off 

As a beauty therapist who does gel nails on a daily basis (not anymore thanks lockdown) I know just how damaging peeling off gels can be especially if they are not ready to come off yet. I tell my clients all the same thing do not peel your gels off when they are not ready. When gels are applied to the nails they adhere to the top layer of the nails and when they are peeled off you are not only just feeling the gel off but you are also peeling off the top layer of your nails. Doing this can cause your nails to become thinner and rough and overtime they can become sensitive. A way that you can stop picking and peeling at your nails is to get yourself an at-home removal kit, there are loads of these kits that you can find on Amazon and they are easy enough to do at home which I'm thinking a lot of people will be doing soon because of lockdown. 

5. Not Washing Makeup Brushes 

Again this is another habit that I am very guilty of, there are times when I'm super organised and wash them every week but there are other times when they haven't been washed in a while! Whenever my skin is going through a bad period I always check if my brushes are washed and most of the time that's when I've been lazy and left it for too long. Cleaning your makeup brushes is important because when you don't makeup and bacteria build up and the more you add makeup to it the more bacteria collect and then applying that to your face is just a recipe for disaster. What I like to do to quit this habit is to set a reminder on my phone once a week, usually a Sunday when I'm not doing much and then use that time to deep clean my brushes, I like to use a brush egg and johnsons baby shampoo and this effectively removes all traces of makeup and dirt from my brushes quickly and easily. 

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Starting the new year off by quitting these beauty habits will hopefully give us a great start to 2021! What are the beauty habits that you want to quit? 

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Aaliyah xo


  1. I was reading through this waiting for the oops moment when I saw something I do but I'm very happy to say that I don't do any of these things. I very occasionally forget my SPF when I'm getting ready in a hurry, but it's rare! I have lazy day skincare routine and a full skincare routine and the lazy version has been done a bit more often lately so that's the habit I'm working on quitting x


    1. This is so good that you don’t do any of these! I have to say I am guilty of doing a few of these from time to time but I’m definitely going to stop doing that! I also want to stop doing my lazy routine so often x

  2. Some really good tips here, Aaliyah. Another reason to remove make up before bed is our skin repairs itself while we sleep so we need to give it the best chance to do that. And I found out the hard way why you shouldn't peel off gel nails (during the first lockdown) because it took my nails an AGE to recover :( x

    1. That’s definitely a good tip, are skin does it’s best work overnight so making sure that it’s cleansed is a must! I have definitely picked my gels off before as well and it takes so long for them to get strong and healthy again x

  3. I feel so exposed about picking spots haha GUILTY!!! Loved reading this!

    Katy | www.katystephenson.com