2021 is finally the year that I bring back my 5 under £5 series! The only reason I haven't carried on with this series is that £5 is not a lot of money nowadays and most products are over that price but I have finally found 5 of my favourite blushes all for £5 that I will share with you today.

W7 Candy Blush - £3.95 

W7 is a brand that I have used quite a lot in the past and even though its known a lot for their dupes I have found some real gems and that's including this blush. I like my blushes to be pigmented, but not too pigmented and I like the colour to be pretty bright- but not neon- and that's exactly what you get from this blush. This blush is a dome powder blush which means that I have had this product for ages and have used it loads of times, and still haven't cracked the surface. Once this blush is applied onto the cheeks it is also long-lasting, meaning throughout the day of wearing it, it doesn't wear away or fade. This blush also comes in four different shades, ranging from a coral shade and a few different variations of pink shades. What I love most about these blushes is the price! £3.95 is such a good price for this product and you can even get all of the shades without breaking the bank.

Natural Collection Blush - £1.99

This blush is actually the cheapest on the list but when you use it you definitely wouldn't know! Natural Collection is a brand from Boots that I have been using since I was a teen and in the last few years, they have upped their game by redoing their packaging and a big plus for this brand is that all of their products are under £3 making it super affordable. I have tried a few other products from the brand but their stand out product has to be their blushes. For only £1.99 each they have great colour pay off and pigmentation and they have five different shades from a deep coral to a light peach. This blush is actually in my everyday collection when I was wearing makeup every day for work I use this blush most days because I knew it would stay on all day and give a gorgeous flush of colour to the cheeks. If your on the lookout at trying a few new different blush shades but don't want to break the bank make sure you check out this blush!

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Revolution Reloaded Blush - £3.95

I have been a big fan of Revolution products ever since I started my blog back in 2018, I have tried so many different products from them and have found some of my holy grails and that is including this blush. The Revolution Reloaded blushes come in 12 different shades, with a shade for every skin tone, they are matte and also have are sheer but still pigmented and leaves the cheeks looking like you have a natural flush of colour. These blushes are also buildable meaning that it applies quite sheer at first but if you're wanting more colour to your cheeks you can apply more blush without you looking to clowny! This product has just the right amount of pigmentation making it really easy to apply and it blends out like a dream. 

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher - £5.95

Ok, I know this blush is slightly more expensive than £5 but its hard finding products that are so cheap! This blush is definitely an oldie but goodie, this blush was all the rave when I was younger and I think it definitely still lives up to the hype it got. This blush is a little different from the other blushes in this list because it is a baked blush which has a slightly shimmery sheen to it without it being too glittery. When this blush is applied it gives the cheeks a slight luminosity to them and also makes the skin look like you have a healthy glow to it. This blush would be perfect if you're going for a dewy look which is perfect for the spring and summer months to come. 

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Collection Blush & Glow £4.99

Now, this blush palette is an absolute steal! Along with getting two different blush shades you also get a highlighter and a bronzer shade all for only £4.99. This product has been a favourite of mine ever since I tried it when it first was released, the blush shades in this product are perfect because you get a more muted matte pink shade and also a deeper shimmer blush meaning you will have a blush shade for most occasions. When we are eventually able to travel again and go on holiday this is the perfect product to take with you because you have different blush options along with a highlighter and a bronzer all in one, saving so much space. This product is pretty affordable but the quality is still pretty great, the blushes have good pigmentation, they apply to the skin easily and stay on all day! 

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When putting this post together I was so impressed with myself that I was able to find 5 blushes that are all great quality that are all for under £5 (well with the exception of one). Have you tried any of these blushes before? 

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. I use the Natural Collection blush and I love it, for the price it's amazing! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

    1. The price is so good for that blush you just can’t go wrong! X

  2. This is such a fab idea! Makeup can be so expensive nowadays. I haven't bought a new blush in a while actually so I'm definitely going to check some of these out xx

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. I've only recently got into blush, and so my collection is relatively small and I looked over these when they all launched! So thanks so much for sharing... my shopping list is getting v long ;)

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  4. Five blushes under £5, I thought surely that's not possible. Clearly it is. It even features one if my go to brands Bourjois! This is fab! Who would have guessed?

  5. I love finding good products that don't break the bank. The W7 one you've mentioned looks so pretty and definitely the shade I love.

  6. I use natural collection, but I've never bought the blusher. But now I will, it looks really good. I'm a bit of a novice with make up so your blog is one I will follow 😊

  7. I use the Natural Collection one whenever I do my makeup (although that's not a lot these days) and I love it! You'd never know it was only a couple of quid!

    Looking forward to more of this series :)

    Katy | www.katystephenson.com

  8. I haven't used any of these blushes before but they all look like really great quality products, especially since they're under £5 x

  9. I just bought myself a nudes palette from Revolution and love it a lot - their blush seems pretty nice too :)

  10. So glad I liked the Revolution one best, since they don’t test on animals. What a gorgeous color!

  11. Funnily enough i never used to use blush.. ever! Until i tried the cloudpaint sample by Glossier which is a cream blush. It is quite expensive but i loved how blush looked so i actually bought that exact revolution blusher and for the price, its amazing!

    Ellie // www.thediaryofellie.com

  12. I second the natural collection ones - Barry M used to do great blushes but lately their colour selection is a bit disappointing. It would be super helpful if you wrote which shade your swatches are too - I actually came on here from a google search of revolution swatches as I'm trying to make up my mind between 3 revolution shades which is a pain in the bum when you're trying to buy stuff online and when the shops open again they won't have testers!

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