This year I have decided to bring back all of the old series that I love and haven't done in a while, recently I did another edition of my 5 Under £5 series and this time I'm bring back my Brand Favourites. Most of the brand favourites that I've done in the past have been drugstore brands so I thought I would change it up and show you my favourite products from Benefit!

BadGal Bang Mascara 

Since I started my collection with makeup I have tried a lot of different mascaras to try and find my holy grail and out of the many that I've tried, I can definitely say this mascara is my favourite. Mascara is so personal because everyone wants a different look for their lashes, I like my lashes to look like they have some more length to them and definitely volume and that is exactly what you get from this mascara. The formula of this product is also perfect because its smudge-proof which is a must for me because I can get watery eyes and it lasts on the lashes all day, It claims to last 36 hours but the longest I've had it on has been around 12 hours and it looked perfect. If I know I'm going to be wearing my makeup all day then I know this is the mascara that I go for. The applicator of this mascara is also amazing because it is pretty slim with short plastic bristles meaning it can reach all of the shortest lashes and coat all of them in the product leaving the lashes looking dramatic. 

Hoola Bronzer 

Hoola Bronzer has been a staple product of mine for years, It was one of the first high-end products that I tried. For years Hoola bronzer only came out in one shade but recently they have also brought a lite, caramel and toasted version which is perfect because it caters to more skin tones. I have been using the original shade of the Hoola bronzer which is just the right shade for me in my normal skin tone but when I get a tan its not dark enough so I really want to try the caramel version. I love the bronzer because it blends out like a dream with not too much effort and it leaves the skin with a gorgeous bronze to it which looks like you just got a fresh tan. Whenever I want to go for a natural makeup look I just throw on this bronzer and it just gives the skin a healthy glow. 

Gimmie Brow 

Every Christmas Benefit releases their Christmas Gift sets and I usually get gifted them from my boyfriend which I love because I usually stock up on my favourite brow products including Gimmie Brow. My brows seem to be pretty unruly at times, they curl at the ends and it just makes them look messy even when they are filled in so also need to finish off my brow look with a good brow gel like Gimmie Brow. I have been using this product for years on and off, I've tried other brow gels before but I always return to this product. I love this product because the brush applicator is tiny making it the perfect size to go through the brow hairs taming them without making a mess around the brows. Another thing I really love about this product is that it fills in the brows slightly giving a natural look without the need to fill them in which I like to do when I'm going for a no-makeup makeup look. 

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Rockateur Blush & Highlight 

Whenever there is a two in one product I have to have it and a few Christmases ago I was able to try the Rockateur blush which is now one of my favourites. The shade of this blush is just my perfect shade of pink that just suits my skin and when it's mixed in with the highlighter shade mixed it gives the skin a gorgeous glow without it being too shimmery. With this product, you can use the blush and highlighter separately or you can mix them both together which is how I have been using this blush. Even though this blush gives the cheeks a slight glow it's a natural glow so this blush can be worn in your everyday makeup routine. 

Goof Proof Brow Pencil 

When I do my brows I usually like to use the micro pencils to add hair-like strokes in the brows but this brow pencil has a slanted edge which I have found its easier to fill in the brows. When I'm going for a full glam look I use three different products for my brows, a micro pencil to outline the brows, this Goof Proof pencil to fill in the brows and then Gimmie brow to set them, whenever I do this routine I know I'm going to have a good brow day. This pencil makes it so easy to get filled in and defined brows and when I'm wanting to do a quick makeup look this is the product I'll use to fill in the gaps on my brows and then set them with Gimmie Brow. Another thing I like about the brow range from Benefit is that they have a shade that works for my brows, I have black hair and usually, the dark shades are too light but I use shade 5 in these products and they work perfectly for me!


This product is probably the product that I use the most out of all the others on this list and its definitely one of my favourite primers. I have pretty oily skin and when makeup is applied ontop it can just slide around on my face and not last all day that's when I don't wear this primer underneath. My skin needs a good base before I can apply my foundation on top, it needs my pores to be filled and my texture to be smoothed and that is exactly what this primer does for my skin. I would only really recommend this primer for people who have oily skin because it can be a little thick of you have dry skin, I only also use this on areas where I know I have more oil production like on my nose and forehead. When this primer is applied you can instantly see it mattifying the skin and smoothing out the texture of my skin making my foundation apply flawlessly ontop. 

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Most of the products that I've tried from Benefit I've loved and it makes me more excited to try more of their products and see how they work. What are your favourite products from Benefit? 

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  1. Some of these are my absolute go-to items as well, and I love your pictures!

  2. I do love Benefit products, I love the Goof Proof Brow Pencil and the Hoola bronzer, they're so good! x

    Lucy |

    1. Goof proof is definitely one of my favourite brow products from Benefit, it makes it so easy to fill in the brows. Hoola bronzer is the best as well x

  3. Oh I do love Benefit products! Their mascaras are the absolute best but I still haven't tried this one out yet!

    Katy |

    1. You should definitely try this mascara it is so good and leaves the lashes looking amazing! X

  4. Benefit are such an old school makeup brand (a little like Mac) and I think their mascaras are some of the best!

    Katie |

    1. They do have amazing mascara, I need to try Roller lash! X

  5. I love the benefit products, I also really love their brow pen sharpen! I actually went to one of their brow events before and it was incredible x

  6. Benefit is great! Their cute packaging is a bonus, too.:)