I think now magazines aren't read as much as they used to be but I still love picking up a magazine and flicking through the pages. Here I will share with you all the beauty tips and tricks that I have learnt just looking through some magazines. 

1) Drinking or Eating Guava to help with spots! 

I think as woman we all have that moment when you wake up in the morning and realise a bunch of spots have just arrived overnight out of nowhere! Flicking through Cosmopolitan I came across an article about eating or drinking guava because its high in Vitamin C which is very anti-inflammatory and can promote healing. So I think we should all grab a glass like yesterday!

2) Don't think cheaper Skincare doesn't do the job!

When thinking of skincare I know the first brands that come to mind are the ones with the higher price tag because we think they have better ingredients but reading Cosmopolitans Beauty Director explain that this isn't always true has changed my mind. She says that more expensive skincare has products containing retinol's or peptides but you can also get these in more inexpensive products like serums because they can be cheaper to manufacture such as The Ordinary products which can be as little as £4.90! Their serums are definitely on my wish list. 

3) Mixing two different products together to get one perfect for you!

Sometimes out of the products that we own we just still don't have one that's perfect for the time when I read a Cosmo article (again) and they were showing different products that can be put together to make something perfect. A few of the combo's were adding powder blush and your chosen moisturiser to make your own custom cream blush and mixing hair oil and moose to give you the hold but also still be sleek and smooth. 

4) Why we need Acids in our skincare routines!

I think acids sounds like a scary word so we don't realise how good they are for our skin so when I was reading Marie Claire's beauty section explains why they are good. Acids such as salicylic, glycolic and lactic acid are now playing a starring role in many of our skincare products like cleansers, creams and serums. Acids are a key factor that helps our skin become clearer, softer and more luminous this happens by their turbo-cell renewal. So make sure you start looking out for products with these ingredients!

5) The best way to set your makeup!

After we've done a full face of makeup it is important to set it properly so that it stays on all day! in another Cosmo article it says that the best way to set your foundation is to use a dry Beauty Blender and press a translucent powder lightly into the skin and to do this wherever you have applied foundation except for the cheekbones because you want to keep them luminous and also to lightly spritz the face with water after foundation to make it look softer! Trying this out tomorrow.  

6) Easiest way to get a cat flick eyeliner 

Even with years of practice at doing the cat flick I still haven't been able to master it. One will look good and the other just doesn't match then I end up looking like a Panda! This tip says to make your flick even to follow the curve of your lower lash line and to hover a brush along your lower lash line until you reach the outer corner and then start applying your liner from there until you're happy with the length!

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Now that were at a time where everything is done online I still love to sit down and have a read through some magazines and they really do have great tips! Have tried any tips that you read from magazines?

Aaliyah xo 


  1. Thank you x
    I’ve been reading Cosmo for years and still buy it every month!

  2. Ohh love your flat lays! I’m a sucker for a good magazine, there’s something about having something to physically flick through? I can also vouch for The Ordinary - their products are amazing!!

    Phoebe x


    1. Thank you! Been trying to I’ll my game with them and Yes! That’s what I love to not the same reason a magazine online! And iv only really tried their makeup going to give their skincare a go x

  3. Number 2 is so true! I used to think the more expensive the better. But I recently tried a serum from shiseido and it broke me out in a terrible rash. But my favorites serums from Neutrogena and DermaE work great!
    Plus, lots of high brands have irritating fragrances and sometimes even filler ingredients in their skincare.

    1. It is so true, I think we all do it sometimes without realising but some of these ingredients are in our cheaper skincare! And I have also gone through bad experiences with more expensive skincare x

  4. This has been so helpful! I thought I knew quite a lot about beauty but I genuinely learned a lot from this post. I'm off out to get myself some guava and mix a few of my facial oils together hehe. I totally agree about a lot of cheaper products being amazing too!
    Alice Xx

    1. Thank you! That is exactly what I did went and got some bits! And cheaper products can definitely be as good as more expensive ones! X