Recently Makeup Revolution has now become Revolution Beauty which I actually quite like! They have also brought out a bunch of new products that people are going crazy for especially their Foundation stick and Concealer. I was only able to get the concealer in my shade but I will keep trying for the foundation stick because I've heard amazing things!  

First Thoughts 

I brought my concealer at Superdrug, I remember a few years ago they only had a small section where they would display their products and now they have a much bigger display with most of their products displayed. 
The colour selection for the concealers is very good with 25 shades starting from pure white to dark. They have also catered for skin tones with different undertones like warm, neutral and cool. 


I was very pleased when I saw the packaging of this concealer, it's very sleek and sturdy and it also has a nice weight to it which makes it look more expensive than its £4 price tag! My favourite part about the packaging is the shiny pink lid and label, the only drawback is that it gets a bit mucky with fingerprints! 

The brush of this concealer is very similar to the Tarte Shape Tape, it has a large applicator making it easier to do contouring and concealing. Quite a bit of product does come onto the applicator so I found it's best to scrape some of it off before applying it. 

Product Amount 

In this concealer your get 4g / 0.14 fl oz which is a little bit less than the other concealers that I have, I think the packaging makes it look like there is more product inside but when I started using this product I realised that a little product really does goes a long way. If you are wanting to use this for contouring you would probably need more than one concealer shade anyway. 

My First Impression

When I was trying this product out at Superdrug I probably stood there for a good 30 mins trying to find my right shade. The colour of concealer that I got was C8 it says on the website that it's for Medium skin tones with a golden undertone which I have (I think I have). The colour works well on my blemishes, I have tried it for my under eye but it is slightly too dark. This concealer does dry quite quickly so I find it best to blend out the product as you go. I like to blend this product out with my finger but if I've used a beauty blender for my foundation then ill use that. 
This concealer covers my blemishes and redness very well, I usually will only need to apply one layer if I'm also wearing foundation. I also like to use this concealer when im not wearing foundation and just have powder on because it has enough coverage. 

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All in all, I think this concealer is amazing! it has such great coverage, great shade range and a good applicator for such a small price. I think Revolution Beauty is really doing well recently and are bring out amazing products that everyone can afford. I hope to see more from them in the future! Have you tried this concealer? 

Aaliyah xo


  1. Great review. I always looking for a great concealer and might give this one a try. Thanks

    1. It’s a great concealer and you can’t go wrong for that price! X