Out of my big collection of mascaras (probably too big), I have 5 favourites that I use on a loop. Whether they give me volume or length I have put this list to show you how they look on my lashes with before and after photos! 

This is one of my newest mascaras that I have tried because of all the hype that it was getting over social media. Since getting it in my March Birchbox I haven't used anything else on my lashes. It thickens the lashes without them looking too clumpy! and it also adds length which I look for most in mascaras as my lashes aren't really long or defined. The brush on this mascara is plastic and is thin so it gets in between the lashes easily.  

This mascara used to be one of my absolute favourites for the longest time. I went through a phase where I didn't like too much mascara on and this one was perfect for a natural look. I also much preferred the bristle brush on this mascara because it separated my lashes and makes them looked fuller. I found that as time went on and the mascara dried up a little that it was actually easier when applied and gave a nicer look to the lashes. 

Last year everybody was talking about this mascara and I know why. Its plastic slanted brush allows you to really get in between the lashes and separate them, this also stops the lashes from being clumped up. Like the Urban Decay Mascara, the formula of this mascara also works a bit better when it is slightly dried out because you don't get too much product over the lashes which can make them look like there's too much on them. This mascara also looks great with a few layers on if you like the thickened lash look. 
This mascara comes with two different ends that have a white and black mascara. The white mascara is used for a primer and this is the part that lengthens the lashes and also adds thickness to them. The black part adds colour to the lashes by covering the white and then it also separates the lashes. This mascara was my favourite and I used it all of the time because it does give a lovely look to the lashes but it can be tie consuming because of the two-part process. 

Before I tried the BADgal Bang mascara this was one of my favourites for such a long time. It gives the lashes a really nice effect by separating but also voluminous the lashes. This mascara wand is also very similar to the Maybeline brush, it has a curved end which makes it easier to apply it to the lashes. What I also love about this mascara is that it also adds a lot of length to the lashes (not sure how) making them look more defined. 

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Mascara is a key point in our makeup routine and having the right one for you is very important in finishing off our makeup looks. What is your favourite Mascara?

Aaliyah xo

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