When I first started my blog I didn't really have a plan on when posts would go up and I would think of a post and just write it straight away but as I went on I realised that's not the best way, Here I will show you how I now stay organised. 

I would say that I am a pretty organised person (I try to be) and with my blog I like to be very organised, I like to have my posts thought out and I like my photos to be taken and edited. 

To organise my week of posts I use a book weekly planner, the one I have is from Tiger and its great because its so inexpensive (it was £2!) and it has a lot of little bits to write notes on, To Do and ASAP stickers. When I have figured out what posts I want for the week I use the weekly planner part to write out all the blog titles on the days I want to post them. This little book also has sticky notes to use. I like to use these to write up all the blog ideas that I have and these I might or might not use but its always good to go back to if I have writers block. 

Once I have thought out all of my post ideas for the week I'll sit and write them out in my notebook (this post included). I find it easier when im writing up my posts online that I have something to look back on. I usually change little bits when im writing it up properly but the initial points I get from my notes (this also stops me from rambling on!). The notebook I use is a nu notebook and I got this from Poundland!

Another way I stay organised it that I religiously use the notes on my phone, sometimes when im out and about I'll get a blog post idea and I always have to jot it down so I dont for get it (got a memory like a fish). 

For work I keep a diary so I can write down clients and treatments so I also use this diary to keep track of different blog posts go out on each day. I do this because during the week I work and I have to have my posts written for the days that im working, this helps me know which posts to upload and on what days to do it on. I got the diary I use is also from Poundland which was such a good bargain!  

Here I have also found you some nice organisational bits and pieces that you can use. 

6) Collins Legacy A5 Week to View 2018 Diary £4.99

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Being a blogger is really fun and I actually love to get all different things to keep me organised (im also a bit obsessed with stationary). How do you stay organised?
Aaliyah xo

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