One of my first posts on this blog was a 'Whats in my everyday makeup bag!' which was a few months ago now and I try to change up my makeup quite often so I thought I would do an updated one for you. 

As I have probably said before that I have oily skin especially on my nose, chin and forehead! This primer helps to keep my shine at bay! I must say that it doesn't keep me completely matte all day and I do still need to powder a little but for most of the day im completely matte which is a real task for my skin. The consistency of the primer is slightly silicony which means it fills the pores in making them look smaller. 
I have used this concealer for many years now and I've tried different under eye concealers before and they just weren't as good as this one. The shade is perfect for my under eye area because it brightens it up perfectly without it being too light for me. Im not the biggest fan of the applicator because it does apply quite a lot of product on to the skin. This concealer also doesn't crease under my eye which a lot of concealers do on my eyes. 

I've recently just tried this concealer and its made its way into my everyday makeup bag. The concealer works really well to hide all my blemishes (At the moment there's a lot). The big applicator makes it easier to contour with on the areas like the nose and cheeks. I also really like the consistency of this concealer, it isn't too watery or too thick making it easier to blend into the skin. 

I think I have mentioned how much I love this foundation before but its worth mentioning again because its so good. I have used this product over and over and never get bored of how good it is. In the summer 05 was the perfect shade for me but now it is slightly too dark so I mix it in with another Bourjois foundation to lighten the shade slightly. What I love most about this foundation is that it gives my skin that matte look but it doesn't make me look cakey! It is also a dream to blend into the skin. 

This palette has everything that you would need for full face. It contains a matte blush, shimmer blush, highlighter and bronzer. I use this palette daily because it is so easy to have all of those products all in the same place. I also love the colours in the palette and they seem to suit my skin tone really well. The highlighter is probably my favourite it is such a flattering shade and really gives the skin a nice glow. 

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder (55)
This powder is one of my favourite products I have from Bourjois over the years I have probably brought about 5 of them! It is the perfect shade for me and it keeps me looking matte which I love. This powder is also finely milled which means it isn't too powdery and thick. I keep this on me during the day so if I look a bit shiny i'll touch up with a bit of this powder. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Granite)
I have used so many different brow products before and I have always come back to using the Dipbrow pomade. This product literally has lasted me months and I have only just recently hit the pan which I am literally devastated about because it is quite expensive. At first I found it difficult to be able to do my brows but once you get the hand of it its really easy and your brows look so sharp. 

NYX Brow Mascara (Black)
After I have applied my Dipbrow I start to then apply this brow mascara to keep down my unruley brows. Im not sure if its the way I sleep or if my eyebrows dont like me but they never want to go the way I want them too but with this brow mascara it keep them in place all day! 

Beneift BADgal Bang Mascara
Since I tried this mascara I have been obsessed! It does everything that I want in a mascara, gives them length, separates them and also adds volume. I usually prefer mascaras with a bristle brush but this one had a plastic brush but it gets between each of my lashes and coats them all easily.

Essence Superfine Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof
This liner is my favourite out off all the liners I own (which is a lot) I have tried the normal non waterproof version and it tends to wear away during the day but the waterproof version has a much better staying power, it also dries down to a matte black and stays black all day. 

Sometimes I do get stuck in my ways with makeup and forget to try new things out, so I've started to mix up my makeup bag and I now love all of my daily makeup products. What products do you use daily? 
Aaliyah xo 

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