Recently I have discovered so many new bloggers that I cannot stop reading. I have been doing a lot of comment threads on twitter to help out my posts and have found so many posts that I have really enjoyed and loved, Here I'll share the posts I've loved recently.  

This post isn't about makeup and beauty but it's a post that I really enjoyed reading. It's about learning your love yourself for who are. I think we have all had those days when we're a bit down and that is what I saw this post and it instantly made me feel better.  Phoebe explains that we need to stop comparing ourselves to others which I tend to do more often than I realised when scrolling through Instagram or looking at bloggers that have loads more followers than me. She also tells us that we need to praise ourselves more and not always want it from other people and this really made me think and say to myself that I'm new to blogging and I might not have thousands of followers but I'm proud of what I've done and can't wait to write more! Thanks Phoebe!

Recently I have been really interested in how I will eventually get in contact with these brands that I want to work with, to me I think this is one of the scariest things to do with blogging. My blog is only small at the moment and I don't have that many followers to feel confident enough to pitch to a brand yet but with the tips, she gives I will be in the future. Using this post I found out about all of the comment threads available like the @bloggerstribe comment thread that loads of bloggers take part in. I know this might sound clueless but I really didn't have a clue what a media kit was and how to make one, I also had no idea as to how I would even get in contact with these brands but now I do!  

Now I think I love anything that Fee from Makeup Savvy writes but especially her Ebay Bargains they are so easy to read because sometimes I love a short and sweet post, I have to read all of them and look through them all, they are always so good (I binge read all of her Ebay Bargains when I first discovered her blog). This post is one of my favourites that shes put together because it brings together everything that I love which is beauty and gadgets. My favourite gadget that she put on the list is the Electronic Silicone Cleansing tool as I've wanted one for months but they are so expensive so I think this is perfect for me. 

Trxpical Andrea - Best Primer For Oily Skin

I have only just recently discovered this blog which is full of beauty, fashion and lifestyle and have been binge reading all of her beauty posts because they are so informative. Even though I have my own beauty blog I always love to go on others to see what products that recommend. I especially loved this post because I have always has a problem with my oily skin and making foundations stay on my skin all day! Her recommendations were perfect and I've actually gone out and brought one of the primers that she recommended! 

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Finding new blogs that I love to read is always a favourite of mine as it gives me more inspiration of posts for my own blog. Have you read any blog posts that you've loved recently?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I'm going to have to bookmark all of these to read, especially the journey of acceptance one! Thankyou for sharing them :) x x
    Ellis //

    1. They are all really great posts! Definitely worth the read! Xx

  2. I am definitely going to give a read to these blogs! I am always keen on discovering new blogs! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  3. Love this :) I'm now going to check out the blog posts.
    Gorgeous photo.
    Clem x

  4. love these blog posts. you shared some helpful blog posts that I will be checking out, and some that I have already read and I agree with you, they are amazing! x

    1. Love all these posts! They have been so helpful! X

  5. I really like how these blog posts tell a story, like learning to accept yourself. People tend to compare themselves but fail to realize that people are in different stages in their life. We all have to start somewhere! Blogging threads are great because I found new bloggers that way (like how I found this post XD). Thanks for sharing these likes!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Thanks for sharing this ones, they really have a deep meaning and make a connection with the readers :D
    Have a wonderful day,

    Patricia & Miguel

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