Now we are finally getting some nice weather in the UK I thought it was time that I put together another Ebay wish list but this one will be all the things I want for the summer months. 

I have been obsessed with all the glasses styles that have come out this year and these ones caught my eye straight away. Recently I have also been loving gold and black together. These glasses also look like a good enough size for me without looking too large for my face (I have a small head!). 

Looking through Ebay I stumbled upon this lipstick which looked like the perfect shade for summer, it isn't too bright of a pink which I find can sometimes look neon on me. I haven't seen these Gold Obsession lipsticks before but the shades look really nice, I have tried other L'Oreal lipsticks before and they have always been really good quality. 

I have been collecting phone cases since I got my first IPhone (I might need to actually get rid of some), I especially love the ones that are transparent so you can see the colour of your phone but they also have a design on it like this one. I thought this case was so cute and summery because of the flamingo and leaf pattern. Anything that is really colourful is perfect for the summer months. 

I have seen this highlighter everywhere all over Instagram and twitter and have never thought to try it because im used to powder highlighters. This one popped up when I was looking though Ebay for different highlighters and I loved the colour. This highlighter would also look really nice added to a body moisturiser for a holiday glow. 

During the summer it extra is important that your skin is protected by sun protection and I don't like putting suncream on my lips so I go for an spf lip balm. I have tried these ones before and they have amazing scents, these lip balms can be used under other lip products for extra protection. 

When In warmer in the UK it's too hot to wear anything too thick but you also have to have some sort of cover-up encase the weather changes and this kimono looks perfect for this. It's in a really pretty design with lace on the sleeves and it also comes in all different colours. 

During the summer months, I love to wear a good sandal or flip flop but I find the bits that go inbetween your toes slightly uncomfortable so slides are perfect for me. I liked the look of these mainly because of the satin bow on the top. This product also comes in all different colours. 

When I first saw this product the first thing that came to mind was the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette! W7 do a lot of dupes for more expensive brands. The colours in this palette are the sort I love to use in the summer because of the deep red and orangy shades. They would also look perfect on holiday. 

When my toes are out they always have to be painted, these Rimmel polishes are perfect because they only take a minute to dry (I dont have too much patience). This colour is also really lovely being a light sky blue colour which would look great with most outfits. 

I always love to keep flowers out during the warmer weather but I find I can never get them to last as long so I always like to go for realistic fake flowers and my favourites are Orchids. The colour of these ones are also really pretty and would look lovely on my window seal. 

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Looking though Ebay is something that I do all too often and always find different things that I want especially all of their summer items. Have you brought anything from Ebay recently?

Aaliyah xo

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