I was having a little look through Pinterest one day and saw loads of eye makeup looks that I really wanted to try out so I narrowed it down to two. Now I'm going to say I'm no makeup artist but I love playing around with eyeshadows and this is the best I came out with. 

Look One

I was instantly interested in this look when I came across it on Pinterest, the colours are so different to what I usually go for because I never wear blue and it also didn't look too hard for me to try it out. If I was to wear this look I would usually wear it in the evening for a night out! 

How my look turned out:

My look turned out slightly different to the original image because of the highlight colour, I actually did use a gold shade like in the photo but in the picture I took it came out more of a light blue shade. Other than the colour difference I think I did quite well and it only took me 20 minutes to do one eye!

  1. I primed my eyes using the GOSH Prime & Refresh lid primer and set with a neutral eye shadow shade.
  2. The first shade I used for this look was a light grey shimmery shade, I used this for the crease shade the colour is from the Collection Nude Grey palette and the shade I used was Drift Wood. 
  3. For the blue shade on the outer and inner corners, I used two different shades. The first blue shade was a matte blue that I found in my Ted Baker Shimmering Days and Glittering Nights Palette that I've had for a few years now. When I applied this colour I used a fluffy blending brush, this colour was actually very pigmented and was easy to blend out. I also blended it onto the lower lash line.
  4. The next shade I used was another dark blue shade which has a shimmer to it, For this colour, I used another palette which was the I Love Makeup Your Gorgeous Palette. This colour was also really easy to blend it but a light hand is needed because it has a really good colour pay off. 
  5. The last shade I used for this look was from the Revolution Beauty Flawless palette, I used the lightest gold shade in the palette (not sure of its name) and used my finger to blend the colour into the middle of my eye and in the middle of my lower lash line. 
  6. The last step for this eye look is just to blend everything out so the colours work well together and to make sure that there aren't any harsh lines. 

Look Two 

The colours in this look is something that I would usually go for because they are more neutral even though there is the added orange shade in the crease. What I loved most about this look is that it can be worn during the day and then also for a night out!

How my look turned out:

 My look turned out slightly different than the photo, for starters my star is silver and slightly bigger than the one in the photo and the colours I used were slightly different. 

  1. Again with this look, I primed my eyes using the Gosh Prime & Refresh primer then applied a light colour to set the primer 
  2. The first colour I used was from the Primark Urban palette, the colour was Saffron its a deep orange colour which I blended into my crease. This colour was easy to blend and didn't take too much work. 
  3. I also added another colour from this palette into my crease which is Rust, this was a burnt brown colour (you'll be able to see this from my main photo of the palette at the top of this page), this is the colour that I used on my lower lash line too.
  4. For the shades on my lid, I used my The Balm Shady Lady palette, for the lighter inner corner colour I used the colour called Mischievous Marisa which is a copper shade with a slight shimmer. I used a flat brush to pat this into my inner corner.
  5. For the outer corner, I used the two darker shades in the palette which is Shameless Shana and Caught In The Act Courtney (weird names I know). I blended these out with a blending brush. 
  6. The glitter on my lid is actually a Collection glitter liner, Mine came out slightly thicker than the original photo.  
  7. The last part of this eye look was to add the star under my eye which I used a sequin for but I would suggest getting some for makeup purposes. 
Pin For Later...

For these looks you would be able to use all of your own colours or even switch up the colours to make a look of your own. I love recreating looks that I find on Pinterest it helps my eye makeup skills. Which of the looks would you recreate?

Aaliyah xo


  1. I thi k you did a great job! I am forever seeing eye looks I love but I always fail at recreating them lol

    1. Thank you! some can be more complicated so I went for the easier ones! The step by step photos on Pinterest are also really good x

  2. Your makeup skills are actually incredible!

  3. Great post! I love these looks, the second is probably my fave, it's so pretty! x

    Hanna x


    1. Thank you! the second one is the more wearable one of the two!x

  4. I love how your looks turned out, they're both so beautiful! I especially love the colours in the first one - even better than the original, in fact! It reminds me of mermaids and the sea, and really suits your eye colour and shape. Simply gorgeous. :) x

    Sneha | lifewithsneha.com

    1. Aww thank you! Looking at the photo now I really like how it turned out with the colours x

  5. Very beautiful looks! I love how you added the star on look 2. Very unique and a fun touch. Take care! Candace- thekelleylog.blogspot.com