Since starting my blog back in early 2018 I started my love and obsession with Flatlays, I think about 95% of all the photos on my blog are flatlays and in the two years that I have had my blog, I think I have definitely improved on my photography and flatlay skills. In that time I have also found my favourite props that I use all the time for my photos and wanted to share them with you today for this post.

1. Notebooks 

My favourite prop that I use in the majority of my flatlays is notebooks. They are probably the most versatile of my props because I have so many different ones that I've collected in all different colours and patterns and I use them all in different photos depending on what look I'm going for in the image. I like to use notebooks a lot in my flatlays to cover any empty spaces and to also add depth because they are good for stacking on top of each other and putting different products on top to feature in the photo. My favourite places to buy my notebooks are Amazon because they have a whole range of different notebooks that you can get cheap, Tiger because they always have really lovely options in all different colours and designs and Paperchase because even though they are a bit more expensive who doesn't love paperchase? 

2. Makeup Brushes 

Makeup brushes are another one of my favourite items to use in my photos and I even have a select few brushes that I save just for my flatlays. Makeup brushes are more targeted towards beauty posts but you can get them in so many different designs that I think they could look really great for all different types of photos. I don't just use makeup brushes for makeup posts I use them a lot in others like my Birchbox posts, skincare and even my lifestyle posts. Makeup brushes are another way to fill out some space but I also like to use then to layer on to of other things to add depth and I like my photos to look a bit busy and packed but in a good way and brushes are the best thing to add.

3. Cutting Boards 

This might be a bit of a strange one but its actually really great and all different types of photography and flatlays. I actually use wooden cutting boards most of the time because I like the wooden effect on my photos. I have just a basic wooden cutting board but I really like the look of all different shapes, I've seen one in a heart shape that I really want for my photos. I like to use cutting boards again to layer my products on or other props to fill in any gaps and makes the space look a bit more packed. I have seen people use cutting boards when they feature food and drinks in their photos which I think looks amazing and if your more of a minimalist with your photos cutting boards are a perfect addition. 

4. Fake Flowers 

Fake flowers are probably my favourite prop to add to my photos and I have used them in in the majority of my posts because they just make any picture look better. Whenever I use fake flowers I like them to be the ones that look real and colourful. If you have seen my photos before you will know that the colour I tend to use most is pink in my pictures and pink flowers are my favourite to add to my photos to make them look brighter and happier, If I can make someone smile when they look at my photos then my job is done. I have tried to use real flowers before and they do the job but they clearly don't last as long and I like the effect of having the same flowers in my photos.

5. Scarves 

Another way I like to cover some space in my photos is my using scarves. Sometimes I don't my always want my photos to have too many books so I like to add something soft to my photos to break it up a bit. When I'm taking my pictures I like to see everything up and then take a few pictures and look back at them and I can usually see what's missing and whenever I add a colourful scarf it always just finishes off the picture and makes it look better. Scarves are also a great prop for people to use if they are a bit more minimalistic than me and instead of having bright colours than I use you can use more neutral tones depending on your aesthetic. 

6. Jewellery Dish 

When I use my different jewellery dishes I always get a compliment on my photos and people ask where I get them from over on my Instagram. Jewellery dishes come in all different shapes and sizes making them the perfect addition for any flatlay depending on your style. I have a few different ones that I use in separate photos because they are quite different and have different looks to them, my favourite is my pink lips dish that I use a lot that I got from Tiger, My other favourite is a gold leaf designed on that I got from Primark. Jewellery dishes are the perfect addition to add to any photo depending on what look you are going for and they are perfect at covering space. 

7. Magazines 

Another one of my favourite props to add to my flatlays are magazines and if you have read my blog for a while you will know that my magazine of choice is obviously Cosmopolitan! I use magazines for a few different reasons, one because they make space look a bit less empty and two because there are so many different images inside that you can have anything as a background in your photos. I like to add some of the fashion images to my posts because they are always really colourful and they fit in really well with the look I'm going for. 

8. Candles 

This is a prop that I tend to use more depending on the season, in the autumn and winter months I love to use candles to lighten up my pictures and to make them look a bit cosy (if that makes sense). My favourite thing to do is to use all different types of candle holders and votives to make my photos look different and interesting. When its the autumn and winter months I like to use more golden tones in my candle holders than my usual bright colours. I get my candle holders usually from The Range or Ikea because they have the cutest designs and colours for pretty cheap then you can get all different ones to use for all different photos. 

9. Books 

I have mentioned Notebooks and Magazines in this list but I also on certain occasions like to use reading books in my photos. You can use them in so many different ways like stacking them up or putting products on top or you can use them for stacklays which is a new type of photos that I'm really wanting to try. I like to use really colourful and bright books in my photos and sometimes if I'm wanting something a bit more neutral I actually open the books up and just have the writing which I really like the look of and this would work really well for people who like the more minimalistic look. 

10. Makeup 

This one may only be if you're doing a beauty post but I love to add a few pieces of decorative makeup to my posts to bring the whole look together. I actually have a few pieces of makeup that I don't actually use other than in my photos like I have a few Ted Baker lipsticks and compacts that are packaged really nicely in rose gold which looks lovely added to my photos. I like to add makeup into my photos when my post doesn't actually feature a certain makeup item and I use it to fill the space with pretty items.

Prop Ideas 

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These are all of my favourite props that I like to use in my flatlays and I hope if you need inspiration then this post will help you. What props do you like to use in your flatlays?

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  1. I love buying new props for my content, it's kind of a new addiction of mine! x

    Lucy |

    1. That’s the same with me! Whenever I see a pink notebook I have to have it! X

  2. I don't usually do flatlays for my blog, I do see it often on other blogs though and they always look so cute! I love all of your ideas, I can see why you save make-up brushes just for the use of flatlays too, you can get such pretty ones, sometimes I don't want to use them for make-up as I don't want to ruin them hehe. Your pictures look amazing, I love how much thought you put into your pictures. If I did start doing flatlays I feel like I'd need to buy a few props for them!

    Chloe xx

  3. Taking serious notes her because your flatlays are always amazing. I always like to add something like a wooden board and some makeup to a beauty photo, candles are great too! I love adding fake flowers, I need to add some more to my stash x


  4. Great post! I haven't bought any new props for a while now, but I feel like I've got so much inspiration for new things to add. I love adding fake flowers xx

    Hannah |