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Since the beginning of the year, I have been collecting all the products that I've finished up just for this post. I don't usually use up products completely because im always trying out new things and finding new holy grails that when I actually do finish a product fully it is usually one of my favourites. Today I'll be sharing with you all of my product empties from the start of this year.

This toner is probably the only toner that I've actually used consistently and finished the whole bottle. I have been using the Glow Tonic for a couple of months now and have been super impressed with how well this product has been working for my skin and I know why everyone raves about it. This toner is a light and nourishing toner that is supposed to balance the skin's complexion which I have found to be very true. This toner main ingredient is Gycolic acid which helps to gently buff away any dead skin cells and impurities and the purifying treatment helps to refine the appearance of pores, making this the perfect product for me. My skin can be very temperamental, at times it can be perfect and clear but then other times (most of the time) it can be problematic and oily, since using this timer the oiliness in my T zone has really improved and when I wear makeup I don't need to powder my skin as much. Other ingredients in this toner include Aloe Vera to replenish vital moisture and Ginseng to improve circulation. Another thing I really love about this toner is that when I use it my skin doesn't feel tight, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.  

Will I be repurchasing? Of course!

I have had this product for some time now because I have mentioned it previously in my 'How much does my everyday face cost?', I’m never usually a big fan of BB Creams because I’m a girl that loves the look of a full-coverage matte finish but this product is the exception. I have used this product so much that I was able to pick up a few more samples sizes to use. This product gives the effect of sun-kissed skin with a gorgeous glow that doesn’t leave my already oily skin looking any oilier or greasy. I liked to wear this product when I was wanting a low maintenance makeup day or a no-makeup makeup look for work. This product lasts on the skin really well for it not having any longevity claims to it but even at the end of the day when wearing this my makeup looks flawless. Illuminating products usually scare me because they can cause my skin to look really shiny but this product just gives a subtle illumination which makes you look like you’ve just hopped off a plane.

Will I be repurchasing? It a Birchbox exclusive so I'll definitely be looking out for it!

MUA Pro Base Concealer 

This concealer has been a holy grail favourite of mine since I tried it a few months ago. I started using this product after I finished my Revolution Conceal and Define and I was curious about it because it was a new release from MUA. With the concealer, I also brought the MUA Pro Base Foundation which I mentioned In my Top 10 2019 Favourites. Since I started using this concealer I have actually repurchased this product twice already. For me this concealer just does everything that I want, it covers all my imperfections like spots and uneven skin and doesn't dry too quickly and it blends out really easily. I don't really use this concealer under my eyes because the shade I have isn't light enough and I feel like it might be slightly too thick to use on the under eyes but it works perfectly everywhere else on the face. On days when I don't want to wear foundation, I like to just use this concealer blended out on the skin and just with a bit of powder and it gives a really nice no-makeup makeup look.

Will I be repurchasing? Its already on its way!

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Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer

Out of all of the makeup products I use Primer isn't one that I actually reach for all the time which I know is probably a sin in the makeup world and this is the first time that I've actually finished a primer completely. This primer was one of my favourites for the longest time because its a product that is pore filling and texture smoothing but it feels more like a moisturiser consistency than a silicone primer which can sometimes feel a bit heavy on the skin. As soon as I use this primer my skin looks and feel amazing and my foundation just seems to apply so much easier and it looks smoother for longer. Im sure if you've been reading my blog for a while you will probably know that my skin is pretty oily and when I use this primer my skin doesn't get oily as quickly as it usually does.

Will I be repurchasing? At the moment I'm trying to finish a product fully before rebuying so I will get this primer once I have finished the one I'm currently using.

B. Makeup Brush Cleanser

Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important things to do to keep them sanitised and safe to use on the skin and I'm sure its something we all don't do enough. In the past, I have actually written a post all about what's the best way to clean your brushes and sponges with this product included. I like to use this product in between doing a deep clean and I only really use this product on my eyeshadow brushes.  I do like this product as it effectively removes all traces of makeup and it even removes the toughest of colours like the blues and the purples. Along with removing the makeup this product also helps to deeply clean and remove the bacteria from the brushes and leaves them looking brand new!

Will I be repurchasing? I want to try out a few different brush cleanser first then I may come back to this product.

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When I fully finish a product that's when I truly know that I like a product as I'm always trying and testing out new things. Have you finished any products lately?

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  1. The Pixi glow tonic is such a classic! It's such a good toner, definitely one of the best. The primer sounds great too, I don't know how it'd work with my dry skin, but I'm so happy that it works for you xx

    Hannah |

    1. Glow tonic is one of my all time favourites and it has really helped to improve my skin and oiliness! The primer is another favourite, it’s the only primer that I’ve completely finished! X

  2. The Pixi Glow Tonic will forever be a repeat product in my cabinet, the product never fails! I was on the hunt for a concealer to use on my cheeks without buying a cream foundation because my sensitive skin doesn't handle heavy products to well. I will definitely look into the MUA concealer since it works well for the minimal makeup looks. I finished my Urban Decay optical illusion primer a while ago but now you have me interested in the Soap & Glory primer, especially since it's in my price range.

    Natonya |

    1. I need to order my next one because any day now I’m going to fully run out! I’m sure you will love the concealer, it has been working so well on my skin x

  3. I don’t actually think I’ve met someone who doesn’t like glow tonic! The concealer is one of my favourites and when I was wearing makeup I would wear it all the time! Thank you xx

  4. This is such a great and informative post. I like how you included whether or not you would purchase the item again in the future. I always like to read reviews before purchasing a new beauty product so thanks for sharing!

  5. I'd love to try the Pixi Glow Tonic, it sounds so good! x

    Lucy |

  6. The BB cream sounds amazing, it's a shame it's a Birchbox exclusive because I'd love to try it. The Pro Base concealer sounds great too, especially for such an affordable option x


  7. I've just finished the Pixi rose tonic so I'm going to try one of their other ones :) xx

    Holly |

  8. Never tried any of these but it's tempting me, ngl :P