5 Ways To Practice Self Care During Lockdown!

I know all of you are sitting at home right now probably worrying if you're like me about what's going on in the world right now so I thought I would put together a list of things that I like to do to practice self-care. Taking care of yourself whether physically or mentally is very important and if your struggling to find ways to completely relax and wind down then this is the post for you!

1. Have a pamper night 

My favourite way of practising self-care is to have a spa/pamper night or day in. You can have your pamper night any way you want but I always find it the best when I have a nice hot bath to wind down, then do my skincare routine and use some extra special products that I don't use on a daily basis and then apply a face mask and just sit and relax. When I have my bath I like to use a Lush bath bomb to make sure that I'm extra relaxed, My favourite bath bomb at the moment is the Twilight bath bomb because it smells amazing and makes the bath look super fun. To make it extra relaxing I like to light some tealights around the bathroom and pretend like I'm in a spa. After my bath, I like to do my full skincare routine with a few different products that I don't use too often like my Yesto Transforming Cleanser* to cleanse the skin and this cleanser is a little different because it changes colour! After I've done my skincare routine I then like to apply a face mask, The mask I have been loving a lot recently is 7th Heaven Strawberry Souffle mask which is super moisturising and smells amazing. Another thing I like to do on my pamper nights is to give myself a manicure and pedicure to make sure my whole body is pampered and relaxed. To see more in detail how I have a pamper night check out my post where I wrote all about it 'At Home Self-Care Spa Evening'. 

2. Find a new book 

Other than my passion and obsession for beauty, I also love to read which I don't think I've shared too much on my blog before. When I want to escape the world for a bit and just relax I like to pick up a book and get stuck into it for a while. I always find that when I have a book that I love I can read it I a matter of days and just completely get lost in it and I want it to end because I cant wait to see what happens at the end of the book but then I don't want it to end because I want to keep reading, do you see the dilemma here. I recently finished rereading Eleanor and Park which is a lovely coming of age romance book which I finished in about 2 days because I couldn't put it down and now I've just started reading Fangirl which I am liking I just have to keep reading to see if I get fully into it. I recently wrote a post all about my all-time favourite books if you're on the lookout for any new books to get stuck into. 

3. Take long walks daily 

Since the lockdown has come about in the UK I have been walking so much more than I usually do and its actually making me feel so much better and relaxed. I think there have only been a few days when I haven't actually be for a walk and it does make a difference. There has also been really great weather in the UK at the moment and because I live in a flat I don't have a garden so I try to make sure that I go out once a day for a walk around my area or to the shops to pick up a few essentials. Just getting some fresh air and sun has made me feel so much better and I don't feel like I'm trapped inside all day. 

4. Get Creative 

This is one of the more fun tips I have to practice self-care and you can make it anything you want it. You can get creative by doing anything you want to, it can be drawing or colouring or knitting or anything. The way I like to stay creative is through my blog and taking photos and also by colouring these beautifully drawn books by Johanna Bashford, they are so creative and drawn so well that whenever I'm colouring with them I always feel so relaxed and calm. The other I like to be creative is through my blog since being in lockdown I have written so many more blog posts than usual and taken so many more photos and editing them and I have really been loving it. I am able to concentrate more on my blog and I have seen a big difference in it in terms of views and engagement which has been really great. 

5) Watch at uplifting movie or series 

This is probably my favourite thing to do when I want to just wind down and relax because there are so many movies out there that make me laugh and just put me into a good mood. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down or overwhelmed by the whole situation I like to just kick back put my phone away and just lose myself in the movie or series I'm in to at the moment. I have listed some of my favourite light-hearted and uplifting movies and series that I love to watch to practice self-care. 

  • Little Miss Sunshine 
  • Mean Girls
  • Dirty Dancing
  • The Blind Side 
  • Bridget Jones 

  • Gilmore Girls 
  • Friends
  • New Girl
  • The Office
  • Modern Family

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At the moment we don't know how long this Lockdown will last but for now, I hope all of these tips can help to get you through this strange time. What things have you been doing to practice self-care?

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Aaliyah xo 


  1. I've been taking a lot more steps to help myself not feel guilty for not getting up to much in the last few weeks. Allowing myself to get through my day slowly and not feel bad about it has been hard. I've watched my fair share of the office in this time too haha! Also, believe it or not, Saturday was the first time I'd been out on a walk since the lockdown and I loved it. As I've been spending a lot of time in my garden I guess I felt guilty going out but it was just nice to see a different scene around me. Also- how cute are the rainbows you see in everyone's windows?!


    1. There are days when I get up and because I have a job that I can’t work from home I feel guilty that I can’t really do anything but I’m trying to stop that because it’s out of my control. Going out for walks has been so lovely and it makes me feel so much better and it is lovely seeing rainbows everywhere! X

  2. Love this post :) Such great ideas. I've been trying to have a pamper session every week, I've been doing painting by numbers and other craft activities. I'm just trying to take each day as it comes. Hope you are well, stay safe x

    1. Thank you! My pamper sessions make me feel so much better and relaxed! I haven’t done paint by numbers in years but I might see if I can get one because that can be super relaxing! Stay safe x

  3. Some lovely ideas here, Aaliyah. I'm not too good on the pamper front, although I'm trying (!) but my self-care starts with time in our garden, which we're so very lucky to have. And one benefit of lockdown is that I am clawing out a little more time to read some of the massive TBR pile in my corner, haha. Glad you can get out for a good walk each day, stay safe xx

    1. Thank you! You will definitely love haven if a pamper night them especially since you don’t do it much! That’s lovely that you can spend time in your garden now the weather is so lovely. Stay Safe! X

  4. Love this post - its so important to be doing things like this during this stressful time. I've been reading a lot more, and finding time for hobbies again. One thing I defo will do is a pamper night - haven't had one of those in ages!

    Emily xx

    1. Thank you! It is a very stressful time and taking time out for yourself to relax and unwind is so important. It’s been really nice being able to work on different things I don’t really get the time to when I’m working x

  5. Oooh yes gotta' love a pamper night now and then! I personally love taking off my makeup, running a bath and then popping on a face mask. Such bliss! I also agree that reading is the perfect way to escape.

  6. There are some perfect ideas here! I’ve tried keeping myself sane and so far I think I’ve done a good job however, this week it’s become a bit shit! I’m definitely going to take your tip with the pamper evening followed by the blind side ☺️💛

    Ashleigh - https://www.ashleighsmoments.com

  7. Aaliyah, these are all excellent suggestions to perking up mentally and physically during the isolation period. I too like to watch new shows on Netflix as a distraction. Great idea of buying tea lights to place around the bathtub for a spa-like atmosphere! I'm gonna save some to an Amazon wishlist. I've been picking up reading more too and I really wanna invest in entrepreneur books.

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com

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