Recently in the beauty world there has been a rise in the amount of makeup sprays being introduced. They go from primers to setting sprays and I've always wondered if they are really worth using and so they help with the application and staying power of out makeup routine! 

In my collection I only have three different makeup sprays and for a long time I didn't actually use them because I wasn't too sure if they actually helped my makeup routine. But I have been on a mission and done research about them and they can (if you use the right things) help with applying and keeping your makeup on for a long time. 

Primers tend to be in a tube or bottle in a thicker consistency, I tend to use pore filling primers because I have oily skin. Primer sprays have become so popular recently and for the reason that they smooth and also refreshes the skin before the application of makeup. Like Mac's Prep + Prime Fix you can usually use these primers as setting sprays as well which is a plus!

Setting sprays are very very popular and for many reasons, they keep your makeup on for longer, it keeps your makeup from setting into fine lines and some setting sprays can control oil and keep you looking matte. One of my favourite setting sprays are Urban Decays All Nighter, this setting sprays also comes in different versions so that you can find the right one for you.  

Different setting sprays can also contain different ingredients which can actually help with the condition of your skin. Like the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting sprays the different sprays contains Green Tea, Lemongrass and Peach (they also smell amazing)

There is also another type of makeup spray which is Facial Sprays, these can be used if you are wearing makeup and if not, like the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe and Rosewater. They are designed to refresh and hydrate the skin. These are designed to be used after your moisturiser to relive dehydrated skin. These sprays can be used in your skincare routine and can be used before applying makeup. 

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Before I looked into different makeup sprays I thought they were just a gimmick and they didn't really help with your makeup but I have discovered they can really help with keeping your skin looking lovely for hours. What are your favourite Makeup Sprays?
Aaliyah xo 

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