Over the years I have watched numerous YouTube videos and have read loads of blog posts about all these different makeup brands that I've never had the chance to try and always wanted to. Here is a list of all the brands I want to try out one day. 

Storybook Cosmetics
I have seen so many products from this brand all over social media for a few months now and at first I didn't know they were real products but then I discovered they were on Beauty Bay then I was really interested. The products are so cute and create like the Wizardly and Witchcraft Palette and the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Palette. What im impressed about the most excited about is the brushes especially the Harry Potter Wands. 

Beauty Bakerie 
I seem to really like brands that have cute packaging and this brand isn't an exception. The main product they are known for are the liquid lipsticks and I have always wanted to try them. Another product that im interested in is their illuminating highlighters which are in the shape of a tub of ice cream! 

Sugarpill Cosmetics 
I have been super interested in this brand since I started to see their youtube channel and all the drag queens using their products. Again I am a sucker for packaging and this cute white and pink is the best. This brand is so cute and pretty but from the reviews I know it is a high performing brand with great products. 

Cinema Secrets
I heard about this brand from Tati's youtube channel and she says its be best makeup brush cleaner. I have used so many different ones and I have not been able to find one that works really well, and this product seems to do just that. Cinema Secrets also have different products id like to try like their contouring products. 

Juvia's Place 
This brand has been all over social media for months now and iv never had the chance to try it and iv always wanted to. The pigmentation and the colour selection of their palettes are amazing and they are just amazing. Their packaging is also so gorgeous with the different designs on the font. 

There are many brands that I want to try and im sure there will be many more. What brands do you want to try?
Aaliyah xo

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