Skincare has always been a big passion of mine and anything that makes skincare interesting and fun im always intrigued about! Here are a few items that I have recently discovered which have peaked my interest. 

This gadget is probably what im most excited about. The science behind this product is that the red and blue lights target acne-causing bacteria and it should reduce the appearance of spots and breakouts. To have this sort of item used on you during a facial treatment it can cost anywhere from £40 up to £100 because of its benefits but this handy product is only £19.99 and its on sale at boots! This would be perfect for anyone like me that has the odd breakout here and there. 

I have been lusting over this cleansing brush forever! I have heard so many good things about it and I have never had the chance to try it out (because its so expensive!). This silicon electrical brush can also be used for exfoliating the skin and removing dead skin cells. The thing I like most about this brush is that it is silicon, meaning it is easier to clean and the head of the brush doesn't need replacing like other electrical cleansing brushes that have bristles. 

This beauty stamp is actually a micro dermal impression tool which means that it has tiny needles that go into the upper layer of the skin which helps getting products that are applied after go deeper into the skin for quicker results. I like the idea of this because of the results that you would get from it, it does sound a little scary but the needles are only tiny. Most products like this are usually rollers whereas this product is a stamp which helps you use it in one area easily. 

This product isn't an electrical product but it looks so interesting. It is basically a facial in a box. It includes facial cups which can be used for a cupping facial massage for lifting the skin. The products in this kit are also all travel sized which makes it easier if your on the move but need a good pamper. I haven't used any Antonia Burrell products before but im always wanted to try new things. 

There are always new gadgets for skincare coming out all the time and im always investigating new things I want to try. What gadgets are you interested in trying? 
Aaliyah xo

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