If your like me and you wouldn't be able to fit all of your makeup into one small makeup bag then this guide will be perfect for you. I will show you how I organise my makeup and give you tips on the best ways to organise yours on a budget because lets face it, it can get expensive! 

When I was getting makeup obsessed and my collection was growing I was looking everywhere for an affordable set of drawers to store all of my makeup neatly. I saw every Youtuber under the sun have the Ikea ALEX drawer which is quite expensive and I did seriously want it but as I was looking around Ikea I saw the drawers that I have now which are actually considered children's storage, which is the TROFAST Frame. With this frame you are able to customise which size plastic drawers that you would like. I have four small drawers that I use to store my makeup (they are only £1.50!) and one bigger drawer for hair products (£3). I was so happy when I found this set because of how good it is for the price and it looks different and is perfect for storage. 

I think Ikea is the motherland for people who love inexpensive how decor (me) and good storage bits that are so stylish. I know everyone has been there and used the cute plant pots to store makeup brushes and sponges. For my set up I love to use one bigger pot for my face brushes like bronzer and powder brushes and then I have two smaller pots that I use for eye brushes and makeup sponges. I love these pots because they look so cute on top of my collection and also because they are just so handy to store all different things and they are so cheap! (You cant go wrong)

I looked around for ages to find the right organisers to fit into my drawers because they are all different sizes and I just couldn't find the right ones. The ones that I finally found were actually from Poundland! These little baskets are the best! and they are so cheap because they also come in a pack of two. They also come in three colours Grey, Black and White. I chose to get the black and white baskets for my drawers. I also was able to find smaller baskets in a pink colour to put my single eye shadows and other bits in. 

I've chopped and changed my mind on how to store my lip products for ages, I used to have a small desk drawer to store them but as my collection grew it just didn't work. Then I finally settled for the lipstick holders, for now all my lipsticks, glosses and liquid lipsticks fit (i'll probably need more as my collection grows). I also store my lip products in a small acrylic drawer which I actually got from Primark for just £4!

I am always on the look out for makeup storage which looks good and is affordable. I've recently been on a big internet search  from Ebay to Wiko to The Range to find the best storage ideas for you guys for under £10! Here is what I've found. 

1)Cracked Glass Tealight Holder £1.99, 2)Victoria Lace Basket £2.99, 3)Faced Cosmetic Organiser £2.49, 4)NORDANA Basket £6.00, 5)GODMORGON Set of 5 £10, 6)Metal Mini Plant Pot £3.99, 7)Black Palm Leaf Votive £2.00, 8)Cosmetic Perspex Set of Drawers £6.00, 9)KORKEN Mason Jar set of 3 £2.25

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Most of the products that I use and that I have suggested aren't actually makeup storage but for the cutest looking items you have to improvise! What are your favourite storage ideas?
Aaliyah xo

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