I am thinking of starting a series where I show you my 5 Makeup Must-Haves for all different occasions for example Date Night, Holiday evening and Night Outs and much more! When going on a date especially if its the first date or with a partner it's always nerve-wracking, I have 5 must haves that I always go for on everyday date for my best makeup look!  

For a date night, you have always got to be kissing ready! I love to use this liquid lipstick for two reasons, one because you can eat until your hearts desired and you will only have the tiniest bit of lipstick that has been removed and this liquid lipstick in particular always still looks good once you have reapplied. Another reason why this is a great lip choice for a date night is that if you get a little smooch you won't get lipstick everywhere! The colour is also so versatile and it goes with most outfits and makeup looks. 

For every date night, you need to wear a good highlighter to catch the light and make you look irresistible. This highlighter is a major dupe for The Balm Mary Lo Highlighter but for the fraction of the price. This gold shimmery shade is so easy to blend into the skin and looks great on all skin tones. This highlighter isn't too much (it doesn't make you look like a disco ball) it gives you a subtle glow which is perfect for any date but also you can layer this highlighter to get a stronger glow.
If you read my 'What's In My Everyday Makeup Bag' post then you'll know how much I love this mascara. It just gives you those fluttery, flirty lashes that are perfect for date nights. I have a serious hate for mascaras that flake and fall away after wearing it for a couple of hours but this mascara doesn't do that! I don't tend to wear fake lashes (I can never apply them properly) and this mascara gives me a natural false lash look but if you like wearing lashes you can use this mascara as well to make it look more natural and to blend your lashes in. 
For a perfect date night palette, this is my go to. The colours in this palette are very flattering and flirty because of the pink and red tones. With this palette, you can create so many different looks that will compliment whatever look you're going for on your date. My favourite look for a date night is the Coppery gold colour on the bottom row of the palette and I would mix it on with some pink tones in the outer corner to warm the eye look up.
The only non-makeup item on the list is this perfume. I have used all of the versions of this perfume but this is my favourite one. It is perfect for a date because of its musky and sexy scent. If you like floral scents this perfume probably isn't the one for you but if you like strong scents this would be perfect for you. With notes that include bergamot and cassis, this is a perfect scent for a late dinner date. 

It's always important to feel your best for a date to make it a perfect night and these products help me feel that way. What are your Date Night must haves? 

Aaliyah xo

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