I've only in the past month started this blog and I absolutely adore it. I love being able to share everything I love about beauty with everyone. For years I have been thinking of starting a blog and I have read many blogs that have inspired me to start my own blog. Here are their blogs and why I love them.

I have been reading Fee's blog for years! There are many things about her blog that I love and that I identify with my own style. I love that her main theme with her blog is affordable makeup! My favourite blog posts are her Ebay finds and wish lists which inspired me to do similar posts of my own. If you like a blog that is easy to read, has amazing photography and is aesthetically pleasing then Makeup Savvy would be a perfect blog for you to read. Her tips on blogging has helped me out so much and has made my blogging experience better! 

Hayley's blog is so beautifully designed and easy to navigate. She has content such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle so everyone could find something that you would love to read. I seriously envy her photography and flat lay skills. I started reading her blog a year ago and have really loved the way she writes posts and they are always very informative. 

Fleur De Force 
I have been watching Fleur's youtube channel for about 3 years now and I have loved all her content. I did consider at one point starting a youtube channel but I decided the best route for me would be a written blog so I decided to start reading her blog and I loved it. Her posts are very visually pleasing and are easy to follow which I like. She posts a lot of gift guides which I find super helpful! 

The Sunday Girl
I absolutely love the look for this blog! The photography is amazing and I envy her flat lays. I have been following her blog for a while now and it really made me want to start my own. I want to be able to take photos like that one day. Her posts are short and sweet which I really prefer than long scrambly ones.   

I have always wanted to be a blogger and these bloggers gave me the inspiration to start one and to write about things that I love and that im passionate about. What blogs do you like the most?
Aaliyah xo
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