I have found it difficult in the past to find the right brow products to suit my eyebrow colour because my brows are so dark. Here I have found my holy grail brow products that I can't live without!

This is the product that I am using at the moment and I have seriously had it for 6 months and have only just got to the bottom of the pot (a little really does go a long way). The reason I really like this product is because of the colour, its dark enough for my black brows! This product is a pomade which mean it has more of a waxy consistency which means you don't really need to wear a brow gel to set the brows straight. 

This is the more expensive of my brow products but I tried this retractable brow pencil before all of my other products. This product also have a very thin pencil which I really like because it makes it easier to do hair like strokes. The colour of this product is also a little bit lighter than my natural brow and I mainly use this to fill in the inner part of my brow when I use my Dipbrow. 

With this brow pencil it is also a bit light for my brows but I like to use this product mainly on days when I wear more natural brows and It does give me more of a natural look which I like. This product also have a different texture than my other pencils, it is slightly waxy which means that it applies so smoothly and the colour pay off is still great but you may need to still set with a brow gel. 

When I saw that Fleur came out with this brow pencil I had to have it for two reasons, one that it has two different colours and two because the dark colour is actually dark enough for me. With this brow pencil it has two ends the lighter shade and the darker shade, I use the lighter shade for the inner part of my brows and the darker shade for the outer edge. The only draw back of this product is that it doesn't have a spoolie attached. 

The NYX Brow Mascara is my favourite coloured brow gel. Finding a brow gel that matches my dark brows has been hard as they are usually too light or too reddish. I like to mainly use this product when im not wearing other brow product and it helps keep my hairs in place. This product also adds a bit of colour to the brow for more natural brow day. 

When I choose a brow gel to put my brow hairs down when I wear a brow pencil I always go for a clear gel. I have used this product for a while know and love it, the fact that its clear works well because it doesn't change the colour of my dark brows. This product keeps my brow hairs in place all day! 

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Brows have become such a must in our makeup routines and finding the right product for you can be hard so I hope my list helps you with that. What are your favourite Brow products?
Aaliyah xo

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