It seems like at the end of the month when my bank balance is something that I dont want to know about, I seem to look through all the makeup that I really want to buy and try out. Here is all the makeup that I have been lusting over.

I have wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury products for such a long time. The reviews that I have read about all of the lipsticks from her brand are amazing. The main thing I really like about this lipstick is the berry red colour, I know its supposed to be coming up to spring and we should be wearing brighter colours but I love this warm red colour and would wear it anytime of year. Another thing I like is that on the website you can see what each colour would look like on different skin tones! 

I have tried different Anastasia Beverly Hills products before and they are all amazing quality (except the subculture palette but we wont talk about that). This palette seems to be made for me, all the colours are what I like to wear on a daily basis. It looks like you could go from a day time look to a night out look by just adding a few extra colours and a bit more glitter. 

The swatches of these products look amazing! they look like angel tears! Cover FX has come up with amazing highlighters in the past but these glitter drops look so interesting. I wouldn't know what I would use them for but I really want to try them out! In the description of this product it says you can mix it in with other makeup products for added glitter. I would add this product to a body cream for a nice body shimmer (only on holiday!)

I know im a bit late to the party but the Too Faced Sweet Peach collection especially the palette is just too cute! This palette also smells like peaches which is a plus. The colours in this palette is something that I wouldn't usually use but I like to use coral colours during the summer months to brighten my brown eyes. This palette would also look good on all skin tones and it also looks like you can create many different looks with just this palette.    

I have seen so many different beauty gurus use this product and it made me want to try it instantly. They have so many different colours that you can create all different looks from. This product would also be great for the days when I dont have too much time to do my eye shadow, this product would make it easier for me to get a nice shimmery eye look. This product will also keep your eye shadow on all day because of the formula!

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I think I will always lust over makeup that I can't afford because all these brands keep bringing out amazing makeup that I need in my life. Do you have any expensive makeup that your lusting over?
Aaliyah xo

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