In my makeup collection, I have my favourite products that I use every day to create various makeup looks, I think we all do this because we know these products work for our skin. Over time we add new products into the mix and forget about things that we haven't used in a while. For this post, I went right to the back of my makeup drawers and picked out a few old favourite products and did a full face with them to see if I still love this product or if I've found other makeup items to replace them with. 

Old Favourite Products:

Testing The Makeup

Most of these products I used to use religiously but gradually I tried new products and found new favourites, I wanted to do a full face of old favourites to see if I still loved the makeup as much as I used to. 

The first product I tried was the Primer from The Body Shop, you can tell this product is old because of the old packaging it has. I used to be obsessed with this primer, it blurred the skin and left me looking matte. Trying it out again I did really like the look it gave my skin but I wasn't a fan of the consistency of the product. This primer is silicone-based so it has that slippery feeling to it which isn't my favourite anymore. I also forgot that a little goes a long way with this product so I applied a bit too much onto my skin. If you like the sound of this primer I would only use a small amount on the areas of the face that you have visible pores because it does smooth out the texture of the skin. 

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The next product I used was the Fast Base Foundation from Revolution. I first tried this foundation back in 2018 when it was released and did a First Impression post on it. Since then I have used this foundation on and off, I loved how quick it is applied to the skin and it also blends out pretty quickly, this was also the first stick foundation that I tried. When I tried this foundation again for this look I had mixed feelings, It did blend into the skin really quickly but the issue with this was the finish, it clung onto certain dry areas of my skin like my forehead and around my nose. I don't remember this foundation doing this when I used to use it so it may be The Body Shop primer underneath. I want to give this foundation another go with a different primer underneath to see how it performs. 

For concealer, I decided to go for an old favourite of mine that I knew I used to absolutely love and that is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. I have used this product for years, the first time I heard about it was from a Zoella youtube video so you know it was a long time ago. I would use this product as an under eye concealer and it would brighten my under eyes without making them look too bright which I loved. Using this concealer again I realised that I did still really like this product, the consistency is pretty thin so it doesn't make the under eyes look cakey and it leaves a lovely brightening effect on the skin making the eyes look more awake. 

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After applying the concealer it was time to set the face. I have quite a few powders in my collection and I knew instantly which one I wanted to use for this look and it was the GOSH Prime & Set powder. A few years ago everyone was talking about this powder and I wanted to try it to see if it was worth the hype and back then it was. I haven't used this powder for a long time so I was really excited to give it another go. For my look, I used it as a setting powder for my under eyes and all over the face and as soon as I used it I remembered how much I loved it. This powder is very finely milled so it applies to the skin beautifully without settling into any texture on the skin and leaves the skin with a gorgeous velvety finish. 

For Bronzer, Blush and Highlight, I actually found it difficult to find products I haven't used in a while because with these products I swap and change them quite often so I had to dig right to the back of my drawers to find these items. For bronzer, I chose the W7 Honolulu Bronzer, this product used to be a fave of mine because of the gorgeous colour it gave my skin and when I used it again for this look I fell back in love with it. For blush, I chose TheBalm Instain in Argyle, I used to love this blush because the shade of pink is just perfect for my skin tone and that still hasn't changed, when I used this blush again it reminded me of how much I used to love it and think about why I ever stopped using it. Finally, the highlight I decided to go for was the ABH Liquid Glow in Oyster, liquid highlighter isn't my usual go-to but I used to be obsessed with this product and to be honest, I totally forgot about it until now. This highlighter gives the skin a gorgeous glow from within look and illuminates the high points on the skin.

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Now for the eyes, the majority of my eyeshadow palettes I use most of the time, but because I have quite a few some do get left behind and that is what happened to the Hot Dog Palette from I Heart Revolution. I'm not sure why I stopped using this palette but now that I've started using it again I remember why I liked it so much. The colour story in this palette is what first made me want to try it, with red, orange and gold tones which are some of my favourite shades to use on my eyes. The look I created with this palette is a look I like to do most days and I only used around three different shades to create this look. 

To finish off the eye look I decided to use a very old favourite mine which is the Maybelline Great Lash. I think this mascara is actually one of the first mascaras that I tired (not this exact tube) and back in the day, I used to love it. When trying this mascara again I realised that my preference for mascara has changed since I last used it. I used to like the natural look for my lashes which this mascara gives but now I like my lashes to lashes to have some volume and thickness to them, this mascara just wasn't enough for my lashes. 

The last product that I used for this look was lipstick, this was another hard product to choose because I usually get rid of lipsticks if I have used them in a while. One of the products that I didn't get rid of is the MUA Super Stylo Lipstick, this product is something that I did really used to like but I stopped using it because I started to wear nude lips all the time and never reached for my more colourful shades. When I used this lipstick I realised that I do really like the shade and I will be saving it for looks that need a brighter lip look. 

My Look


Most of the products that I used for this look I still really enjoy like TheBalm Instain blush and the MUA Super Stylo Lipstick. There were a few products that I will probably be decluttering because they don't perform as well as they used to like The Body Shop primer or that my preferences for makeup have changed like the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. 

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Overall I really enjoyed putting this look together and testing out products that I haven't used in a while and finding some old favourites that I used to love using. Have you used any of your old makeup favourites? 

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Aaliyah xo 



  1. Haha! There's some real old classics in this post! I love pulling out old favourites to see if you actually still love them!

    Katie |

    1. I know! Especially the Maybelline Mascara, there’s nothing better than rediscovering some old favourites x

  2. I haven't used many of these products at all - I used to use the Maybelline mascara a lot thought. & that palette looks pretty good - I still love revolution eye palettes, I need to remember to reach for mine more xx

    1. Revolution still bring out amazing palettes! I used to love the Maybelline mascara but I definitely want more from my mascara now! X

  3. As soon as I read your comment about the Great Lash mascara I was like YES! This is exactly why I stopped using it as well. Now that I'm older, I find my lashes need more volume so this just doesn't cut it any more. Love this idea of using old favourites! x

    1. I used to love that mascara when I was younger but it definitely isn’t enough for me anymore! I need more volume and length now x

  4. I used to use Great Lash on no makeup makeup looks but totally agree, I need much more volume for a regular look. I love doing this from time to time, it's fun to see if your tastes have changed and even better if you find something you still love, it's like finding something new all over again x


    1. It was really fun to get into my makeup drawers and go through all my old favourites, I did find some products that I will still use now but the mascara hair wasn’t enough for my lashes anymore x

  5. I loved reading this Aaliyah! I used to use that Maybelline mascara but the rest of the products I haven't tried before! x

    Lucy |

  6. I never thought about this idea before it's great. Trying out old products to see if they still fit the current quality level and trend. I liked ur setting powder, concealer, blush and lipstick review. These sound good! <3
    Isa A. Blogger

  7. I have never used any of these products but really love the final look! Love the shades of the hot Dog palette, I might have bought it just for the name to be honest! Thank you for sharing x

  8. Some great brands! I love my bodyshop primer and revolution palettes are lovely. Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

  9. I don't have many of my old favourites left in my collection except for the maybelline age rewind concealer (which has been a ride or die) for years! And the rimmel lash accelarator mascara. Bourjois base products were a an OG fave for me that I want to repurchase down the line.