Apps really do make the world go round and being a blogger has shown me how reliant I actually am with them to get my posts ready to be published. Being a blogger can be hard and even though I haven't been doing it as long as some other people, in the time that I have been blogging I have found quite a few apps that help me make it a little bit easier. In today's post, I'm going to let you in on the secret and share with you all my favourite apps that I use as a blogger!

The summer is still here in the UK and around the world and I'm trying to keep up with Summer vibes as long as I can as it has to be one of my favourite seasons! I have done a few posts in the past sharing my Summer Skincare Essentials so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about all the makeup products I need to get through the hot weather!

Summer has officially arrived and in the UK we are kind of seeing the results of it with a bit of sun here and there. This month I have received another great Birchbox which has a really pretty summery design to it that I can't wait to dive into and see what I got. 

I am obsessed with being organised and for a holiday I think if it's possible that I've become even more obsessed. I have lists for everything and I've recently just sat down and wrote my hand luggage list, I'm going to be going on a nearly 10-hour flight so I need to be prepared. In this post, I have put together all the items and products that I'll be taking in my hand luggage bag and I have also created a FREE printable checklist for you to use on your next holiday! 

Summer was supposed to have arrived in the UK but looking out the window while writing this post you wouldn't think so. Even though at this moment the sun isn't shining hopefully we will get some soon and some of you may have a holiday booked so I thought id put together all of my favourite sunscreens that are designed for the face! Not a lot of people know this but even in the Winter we should be wearing SPF to stay protected so this post will be useful all year round. 

The countdown has officially begun and it is now only 16 days until my Jamaica holiday and I have to tell you that I think all of my posts leading up to it will be holiday themed. The first post in a line of more summery posts is actually my Travel Makeup bag. This was a hard post to write because I actually had to sit and think about what products to take away with me when all I wanted to do was take my whole collection but I think for an 11 day holiday that may be too much! So get ready to grab a cuppa and a biscuit because this is going to be a long one.

{Ad - Gifted} A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted a Derma Roller and some goodies to give a try from DermaRollerSystem (you can check out their website here). I have been wanting to try a Derma Roller for ages so I was very excited to give this gadget a go. There are so many benefits with using a derma roller so I wanted to see if the hype was all true.

Summer has finally arrived even though in the UK it really doesn't look like it, it's still pretty cloudy and rainy but I thought a few summer eyeshadow looks will be just the trick to bring the sun out. I have put together a post with all of my favourite palettes to use during the summer with two Drugstore and to High-end.

Summer has officially arrived and now when I'm sitting here writing this post the Sun is actually out and shining and it is 25°. Summer has got to be one of my favourite months but it isn't very forgiving for our skin, So I thought I put this list together of all the products I use on my skin to get me through the summer months. 

Following on from my latest collection post which was my Blush Collection I thought to carry on the theme I'd go with my Bronzers. A lot of bronzers that I have are actually in different face palettes but for the sake of this post, I'm just putting all of my single bronzers. I didn't use to wear bronzer that much as I couldn't find shades for me but now my love of the product is growing along with my collection.

Another instalment in my Brand Favourites posts and this time I thought I would go with another great drugstore brand which is MUA. I have been using the brand for years and I think some of my first ever makeup products was from this brand. Over the years I have found my ultimate favourites from MUA that I can't live without that I'll share with you here today! 

Cleaning makeup brushes really is a very boring task that I know we all try to avoid but then it comes to that time when we can't escape it any longer. That's why I decided to put this guide together on the best and easiest way to clean your makeup brushes so that they are sanitised and ready to go!

A new month means a brand new Birchbox! May means the beginning of Summer with hot weather and longer days and with this box some brand new products. The packing of this months box is extra cute and definitely spring and summery. Each month I'm always excited to see what treats I have in the box and this box definitely wasn't an exception and if you get a box this month you get a FREE Ciate Dewy Stix!

Spring and nearly summer have arrived so it is now the season for dry lips which I know no one is very fond of. Dry and cracked lips are not the best to deal with especially when the weather removes all the moisture from the lips, so I thought I'd put this list together of all the best lip balms to tackle those pesky dry lips. I have also added some dry lip treatments to aid in the rehydration of our lips!

Now that we are officially in spring I thought it would be the perfect time to have a spring clean of my skincare routine and introduce some new skincare for oily skin. Some of these products I was very kindly sent and they have made their way into my permanent skincare routine. All of these products I have found are great for my skin and are the best skincare for oily skin.
the best non-sticky lip glosses

Spring has definitely sprung in the UK and when it does I always get extra excited to switch up my makeup and this time I have been overly obsessed with Lip gloss. The only problem with lip gloss is the stickiness, I can't stand my lips being extra tacky or sticky so I have put this list together of the best non-sticky lip glosses that I've found work brilliantly and wear comfortably and I think I may have found the best non-sticky lip gloss!
product combinations you need in your life

While looking through all of my products while deciding what posts to write I had a wave of inspiration to write about products that when combined together work even better than when they are on their own! All of these combinations can be used with any products of your choosing for them to be tailored to you. 
the fab pore range

{Gifted} A few weeks ago I was surprised to come home to a bright pink package on my doorstep and on further inspection I realised it was from Soap & Glory and I was instantly excited to see what was inside. I have been apart of the #babesofglory team and I hadn't received anything for a while since all the great Christmas gift sets that you can read about in my Soap & Glory Glitz The Season pos,t so this package was a big surprise. I was lucky enough to be gifted a few products from The Fab Pore range and their new product the Blot Right Now Blotting Sheets which I needed to try out right away. 
april birchbox

A new month means a new birchbox and that's always a good thing. April is always a good month because there's the beginning of spring which means its Summer soon! This month I was overly obsessed with the packaging of this box because of its colour design and it made me even more excited to dive right in and check out the products. 
start of the year favourites

While going through my blog again I didn't realise how long it's been since I did a whole favourites post. I don't do monthly favourites because I'm a creature of habit and like to use products that I know what for me but when I do find new favourites you will know! This post I have put together all of my favourites that I've collected from the first few months of this year!
procoal face scrub flatlay

Gifted / A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted this Exfoliating face mask from Procoal to try out and I think they may have read my mind because I was needing a new exfoliator as my skin was having a crazy dry spell. I have been using this mask for two weeks now and here I'll show you everything I think about it!
product empties

I realised while having a look through all of my posts that I haven't actually done a empties post in a while so I thought this would be the perfect time to do one. For me, it's actually hard to get finish a product because I like to try new things but I've been able to collect a few products from the start of the year to share with you for this post. 
primark beauty mini palettes flatlay

On a trip into town when all I was supposed to get was was new socks and toothpaste but I ended up leaving with three new palettes the Berry Velvet, Soft Camo and Peach Dream palettes which all have 9 different shades with a mix of shimmer and matte shades all for only £3 each! In this post, I will be reviewing each of the palettes with an eye shadow look each. 
pink lip products perfect for spring

Spring has now finally sprung, and even though where I am it's still all grey and cloudy I thought it's definitely time for some spring posts. I have written a post way back near the start of my blogging journey about Pink Products Perfect For Spring and I thought that I would go into it a bit more and talk about all the pink lip products!
march birchbox

Here we are again with another Birchbox post and this month we are here with the March box which is actually my 1-year box! I'm (again) really excited to see what is in this box as I love the design this month which I think is partly because in March it's International Woman's Day! 
my blush collection

This will be the second instalment to my collection series with a lot more to come. For this post, I thought I switched it up a bit and go through my blushes which are probably one of my favourite makeup products. A few posts ago I wrote my Makeup Declutter so you can find out which blushers didn't make the cut and to find out which ones stayed keep reading!
drugstore vs high-end: silver firming masks

I am a budget junkie and if I can get anything a little bit cheaper or for a discount then I definitely will. Dupes are my absolute favourites to find and I think I might have found some with the products that I'll compare today in my new series for this blog Drugstore Vs Highstreet! 
my favourite revolution products

At the beginning of the year, I went through all of my makeup and did a whole post about it which you can find here and while doing this I discovered a whole collection of products that I love and realised that the majority of them came from Revolution. In this post, I will be sharing with you all of my Revolution Favourites!
unexpected beauty loves

Do you ever just judge a book by its cover even though you know that you shouldn't if you do then your just like me and I even do it with beauty products. For this post, I have gathered up all the products that I didn't expect to love!

Decluttering has been very popular in this new year and I have to say that I have been watching so many satisfying youtube videos of people organising all of their makeup. Looking through my makeup collection I am in need of a good declutter and that's what I'll be doing in today's post!

On a recent trip to Superdrug I came across the new launch of products from Revolution and had to get it. Revolution has recently released their Matte Base collection which I think was literally made just for me! I got the foundation and concealer to test out and review for you guys. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I love a good flatlay, I think 99.9% of my blog photo's are flatlays and I love creating them. So I thought for this post I would put together all the tips I have to create (what I think is) the perfect template. 

I have now been subscribed to Birchbox for nearly a year and have seriously been loving all of the boxes that I have been receiving each month. Last month with all the blog posts that I had scheduled I didn't have the time to fit my January box in so I thought I'd start fresh with February and I have to say that I think this month might actually be my favourite! 

Valentines Day is now only just around the corner and if your out for the celebration with your loved one and don't know what look to go for then hopefully this post is for you. In this post, I had put together 2 different eye looks using a few different palettes but you can also customize the looks to your liking!

If you're like me and you have different products that you use for different things then we would definitely be friends. My everyday work makeup is very different to my evening or weekend makeup so a whole different makeup bag is required! In this post, I will show you all of the products that I take to work with me. 

I actually started my Collection series last year with my High-Street Palette Collection but with all the other posts I had scheduled in I couldnt fit them in but now we're in the new year there isn't a better time to get started. I thought I'd start with foundations, I didn't actually realise how many I had until this post so I'm also going to be turning this post into a declutter (which I'm loving at the moment). Keep reading to find which ones are staying and going!

I love nothing more than getting a good bargain and Amazon and eBay has got to be the place to go it! On a recent spree around Amazon looking and buying things that I don't need, I saw so many different makeup brush sets for such an affordable price and I had to have one.
I don't know what it is but I actually feel like January has gone pretty fast this year, this mainly never happens but I think it's because I've tried out some new amazing products that I've loved to make it a much better January. In this post, I will be sharing with you all my favourites from this month. 

New Year means New Makeup, now that we're in January I feel like I need to but getting rid of the old and in with the new. On a recent trip to the drugstore (High-street), I picked up two foundations that I've never tried before and put them to the test. 

2018 has been a good year blogging wise, Its the year I finally got the courage to start this blog and write about what I love. In this post, I am putting together all of my favourite posts that I've written all from 2018!

I have had my blog for a while now and I can't believe that I haven't actually done a regrets post before, I think it might be that I didn't want to feel like I was being hard on the products but these are actually one of my favourite posts to read and watch so I know what didn't work for other people.

On another recent trip to Tk Maxx (I think I have a problem), I was looking at all the makeup and found two palettes from Models Own and knew I had to try them. I haven't tried much from the Models Own range but these palettes drew me in straight away. In this post, I will be going through these palettes testing them out to see how they work out. 

Being a blogger it is so important to upping your photography and editing game. I have been blogging for a while now and I think I have finally found my favourite way of editing and taking photo's and in this post, I will be showing you each step of how I edit my blog photos, I'll also be showing you how I create my Pinterest graphics and Instagram stories.  

Now we're in January and we're all scared to look in our bank accounts, I thought id challenge myself to create a full face of makeup for only £20! I didn't actually realise how hard this was going to be until I started looking at my collection but with some luck, I was able to make it work! Heres how I did it. 

So we are back with a new year again, 2019 and that means a whole clean out of all my new products and adding a few new gems into the mix. This January I have purchased a few new skincare products that will help improve my skin for the new year.